Ika nation comprises of eleven (11) autonomous Kingdoms that share the same historical and cultural heritage, which spans thousands of years. These kingdoms are made up of people who speak the same language, and have so many things in common.


History has conclusively shown that these different kingdoms were existing side by side each other even before the coming of the white man and the attendant colonialism brought about to subdue the local people. The people were managing their affairs as brothers and sisters without any recorded major conflict arising amongst them. Infact, the people were so united that a visitor to the area could hardly differentiate between an Agbor man and Umunede man.


But with the coming of the white man and his system of modern government, the system of divide and rule, as it were, was inadvertently introduced into the lives of the people who now regard themselves as opponents rather than brothers.


Unfortunately, our traditional rulers who are supposed to be the unifying factors are deeply enmeshed in the bitter struggle for superiority just for pride sake. The attitude has led to the segmentation of the people of the various kingdoms, who now see themselves as competitors and not as brothers and sisters as it should be, working for the progress of Ika land.


Our traditional rulers should abandon the attitude that tends to portray them before their subjects and people from other ethnic nationalities as struggling for superiority. That is not what the people of Ika nation want, instead they need empowerment and the development of Ika land. They are craving for the betterment of their living standards and not the status of their traditional rulers who are insulated from the socio-economic deprivation they are going through.


It is on this note that we earnestly to draw the attention of our revered custodians of Ika traditional cultural heritage to the need to come together  and create a forum where they could be meeting not only to share ideas and compare notes on developmental issues but to form a common ground to project the Ika nation.


Enough of the dichotomy of the land and the people. Let our Royal Majesties embrace the new trend, which places premium on empowerment and development.


The original idea of claiming supremacy over one another is antithetical to the collective growth and development of Ika land. Instead they should come together and dialogue on possible ways to move Ika ethnic nationality forward.  No doubt, anyone among them who takes the bull by the horn and initiate the move for a coming together will not only be acclaimed the most patriotic but will have his footprints on the sands of time.


We therefore call on our highly respected royal fathers to seek for ways to improve the dwindling living condition of their subjects who are daily being relegated to the background of development in Delta State and by extension in Nigeria.


The unnecessary division in Ika land has to an extent, made Ika nation susceptible to manipulation, which has made them underdogs in the state.


It is hoped that the call by Ika Weekly on our royal fathers and the people of Ika nation to close ranks will be heeded without reservation, for the interest of our people and the need for development.

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