BOJI-BOJI OWA (Ika Weekly) – The task of building the future of our children does not only lie on the teachers but on the parents as well.


The assertion was made by Mr. Friday Usiagwu, the principal of Happy International Group of Schools, Boji-Boji, Owa.


Mr. Usiagwu said parents should assist teachers to make the job easier for them by providing the necessary materials like, textbooks and note books.


He also encouraged parents to be serious with their children by checking their note after school, to ensure that they do their assignments and instill reading culture in them which is gradually being replaced by television programmes and home videos.


The school principal cautioned parents who do not hesitate to complain and change their children to different schools each time they fail to turn a new leaf, adding that they are not helping their children by so doing. He noted that this is one of the major reasons while examination malpractice is on the increase.


Mr. Usiagwu therefore advised students who repeated their previous classes to disperse shame and see it as a challenge not a failure, adding that dropping a class makes you realize where you missed it, and to come out better this session.


Speaking on behalf of the school, the principal said teaching has commenced in earnest, and that teachers are putting necessary machineries in place to enhance those areas where the students have not performed well in the previous sessions, such as increasing the number of subjects being taught in the school, launching a press club , extra- curricular activities like debates and sports to make the students physically fit.


Mr. Usiagwu also stated that the school has mapped out strategies to inculcate discipline, moral values and restrict illegal movements by the students this session.


He called on teachers who limit their jobs to mere teaching to have a change of attitude, and try to make positive impact in the lives of the students by taking them as their own children and younger ones.

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