He, who has
health, has hope, and he who has hope can attain anything, but the above
statement cannot be true in the life of Mr. Roland Oduware, an albino whose
health condition is deteriorating by the day due to a lingering sore on his

                According to Mr. Oduware who
hails from Ozanogogo in Ika South local government area, “I have been in pain
since 18years as a result of an open sore on my neck. I hardly sleep nor do
anything to keep body and soul together now that the sore is getting worse. At
present, the pains resulting from the sore is unbearable, but I wish to live”
and not to die”

                The sick man who narrated his
predicament in tears, said he has long been abandoned by his own parent. He
revealed that the illness started since 1995 like a boil with pores and later
degenerated to the painful point it is now.

                Mr. Oduware stated that he has
been to the central Hospital, Agbor for treatment but the doctor said he has to
undergo an operation. According to him, “I refused just because my elder sister
and brother with similar illness and who went through operation died within a
short time as the sore festered.

                “I have lived with the open sore
for 18 years. I cannot do anything to keep managing the sore nor even feed
well. My private school teaching work and home lessons salary I was earning
before now is too small. All am begging for is a financial help from the
Federal State  and local government and
all who desires and wish me to keep living”, he said.

                Mr. Oduware noted that it has
not been so easy for him from the primary school to tertiary institution. He
explained how he has been helped to copy note on the writing board as a result
of his short vision which resulted from albinism.

said that it was so painful for him that he only got his diploma in Mathematics
from the University of Benin, Edo State as no one was ready to help him make-up
class notes at the BSC level. Mr. Oduware stated that he will remain grateful
to Mr. Ojo Majomi who helped him at the diploma level.

                Mr. Oduware explained that he is
a good teacher in Mathematics and Integrated science. According to him, I will
emerge winner if opportunity to sit for competition in Mathematics in Nigeria
arises. I have sixty prepared lesson notes as well as written texts on
Integrated Science waiting to be published but for lack of finance.

                He concluded by saying that he
wished and begged to be employed in public school to impart knowledge on
students. “A good financial help will also enable me go for treatment in Albino
hospital, Abuja,” he said.       

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