HORRIFIC: College girl found dead, boy hangs self

Alihami village at Agbor witnessed a bizarre and sorrowful incident last week when a relationship ended up with a suspected murder and a suicide.
The lovers whose names were given as  Ndubuisi Mowete and Vivian Obioma were both students of Delta state university affiliation program at the College of Education Agbor. Ndubuisi was a 200 level Business education stundent while Vivian was a 100 level economics education students. Both of them were said to have been in involved in a stormy relationship as Ndubuisi often suspected that Vivian had been unfaithful in their relationship.
It was reported that Ndubuisi gave Vivian a beating of her life leaving her almost unconscious on the day of her matriculation when he saw her dancing with another man.
On the day of the bizarre incident, when Ndubisi?s landlord became suspicious after he realised that he had not seen Ndubuisi for two days and called in the police. When the police forcefully open Ndubuisi?s door they found Vivian?s body lying on the floor while Ndubuisi?s body was hanging from the ceiling. Both of them were completely naked. A close examination showed that Vivian had been stabbed in the stomach and the knife was found beside her body. The incident happened at Ehiwario Street Alihami, Agbor.

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