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that has a beginning, they say, must have an end. And so it was when members of
staff, students and the entire college community converged at the hall in the
old site of the College of Education, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area,
to bid their Provost whose tenure ended October, 2009, farewell; and to thank
him for a job well done. Emmanuel U. Tibi, Ph.D. has served the college for 7
years, and from comments made by staff and students of the school, he came to
the college, he saw, and he conquered.


a speech at the public lecture, organized by the registry department to mark
the successful completion of the second and final tenure of the provost of the
College, the Registrar of the College, Mr. A.O. Ajabor, said that it was the
first of it’s kind in the history of the institution to mark the successful end
of tenure of the pioneer internally appointed provost of the college. He
praised the efforts made by the provost towards re-positioning the registry
department, which, he said, is the hob of the college’s administrative
machinery; and for introducing measures that helped strengthened and improved the
performance of departments over the years. ??The College
organizes monthly Registry Discourse for its Administrative and Executive
officers where they are taught the basic rudiments of administration. In fact,
the panacea to efficient administration is anchored on having an in-depth
knowledge of existing rules, as well as the edicts establishing the
institution. Today all members of staff of the college have personal copies of
these vital documents through the magnanimity of Emmanuel U. Tibi’s led administration,??
he told the gathering. He explained that staff training and development, which
is one of the main priorities of the college, has always been carried out
during the tenure of the outgoing provost. He stated, too, that during the
administration in review, officers from the department have severally been sent
to the South West Zone of the country for training during conference of
Registrars of Colleges of Education. ”These would not have been realized
without the cooperation, support, and approval of our dynamic, visionary and
amiable provost, Emmanuel U. Tibi. On this note, I doff my cap for you Sir, and
wish you more fruitful years ahead, ?? he concluded


his lecture presentation, the chairman of the occasion and retired Registrar of
Delta State University, Abraka, Sir. Barr. Joseph E. Ubogu, who wrote on the
topic, the Registry: An Overview, its Roles, Repositioning it for Effective
Administration of Higher/Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, analyzed the role and
effectiveness of the office of the Registry. He said that the Registrar who, by
law, is the secretary of all the committees in the institution is burdened with
the task of getting a good knowledge of the affairs of the institution, give
sincere and objective advice to the provost, have the overall interest of the
institution at heart, understand and uphold the rules and tenets of the
institution, be honest and knowledgeable to command respect, be conversant with
the day-to-day activities of the institution, be a role model to both staff and
students, provide adequate and necessary information on the institution, ensure
that members of the governing council, staff and students, have up-to-date
information on matters affecting the institution and be able to manage changes
and not hinder change by always quoting the law.


Ubogu said that it is needful for every administrative staff to have a set of
computer in his office, which will enhance effectiveness within the school
system. ?Also, the use of e-mails in communication between one office and the
other to facilitate the decision making process, should be attempted and
established,? he ventured. He also advocated for the constant supply of
electricity to the institution, which will make the work of both the executive
and administration very smooth; and the need for the staff to aspire to obtain
higher qualification both in academics and professionals to command self
confidence and approach to life issues and societal change. Barr. Ubogu also
sued for discipline among staff and students of the constitution, so as to
avoid application of arbitrary exercise of power as practiced in some
institutions to the detriment of good governance.


the outgoing provost of the College, Emmanuel Tibi Ph.D.; said he was so
delighted to have been honored by the school registry. He thanked all staff and
students who, in one way or the other, have contributed towards the success of
his work during his two terms in office. ?When I look back on October 2002,
when I assumed office, I thought the road was far and rough; and would be
difficult to go throught. But after these years I am very happy to have come
thus far. It has been a smooth arrival, and I owe this to you all for your
co-operation,? the provost told the gathering.


of the students interviewed by reporters aired their views concerning the
efforts being put in place by the outgoing provost. One of them, Miss Pero
Antonia, said that the college provost has tried in many ways, such as in the
construction of more buildings in the school and the employment of more staff
to teach students. Pero Antonia, who is a 200 Level student of Business
Education in the College, also said that the establishment of the I.T.C. and
other facilities in the college were made possible during the provost’s tenure.
She urged any provost that will be sent to the school to continue from where he
stopped and make the school more attractive academically and morally. Miss
Doris Osuji, another 200 Level student of Biology in the degree programme of
the school, said that the provost has performed well in many areas, including
the introduction of dress codes and the effective control of students on
campus, which has reduced student’s unrest during his tenure. A 300 level
student of Economics, Mr. Sylver Oniovosa said that the provost has done his
best to develop the college. ?You cannot please all the people all the time.
Administratively, the provost has done creditably well. Even though his
relationship with us, students, have been very limited due to organizational hierarchy,
his rapport with lecturers of this school has been very cordial,? he said. Mr.
Oniovosa also praised the provost for his efforts towards building more
structures in the school and the upgrading of sports facilities in the college.
He enjoined the incoming provost to continue from where the former provost,
Emmanuel U. Tibi stopped.            

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