a  after about two weeks of search.

Narrating his ordeal to Ika Weekly Mr. Augustine
Ozah who hails from Igbodo in Ika North-east local government area disclosed
that it all started on Wednesday 6th of July, 2011, when he went to
buy some snuff within the community. On his way, he saw a car which occupants
enquired of him to know the road leading to Ndobu village  in Igbodo. As he asked them who they were,
they brought out a handkerchief and hit him in the  face. He immediately lost consciousness. He
was carried to an unknown destination where he was stripped  naked after they had beaten him, and dumped
him inside locked room. He further revealed that they only fed him with cassava
flour throughout his captivity. One day he was told to offer his last prayer
before his execution. He was then tied hands and legs. His mouth was also
gagged. When they brought him to the placed of execution, they place him

One of the captors told his colleague to shot him, but
the bullets could not penetrate. As the argument ensured among the gunmen, a
motorcycle rider came towards their direction, the  captors immediately  fled the scene of the incident. Mr. Ozah said
he started shouting for help until a Chief whom they said is the head of the
vigilante group in Asukwa came to his rescue; They took care of him and later
led him to the police station.

The police in Nsukwa immediately alerted the Umunede
police station where he was transferred to and later made a  statement on what he passed through. He told
the police the name of one of the suspects, who is also the ring leader Mr.
Augustine Ozah said the leader informed him that they were sent to carry him to
a far country and to kill him.

Meanwhile, the wife of Mr. Augustine Ozah, Mrs. Adlin
Ozah had reported the matter to the police in Umunede. She said that some
persons in their area came to the house looking for her husband and boasting
that they would malhandle him whenever they saw 

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