high level of profanity or worldliness is gradually taking over
Nigerian churches with particular reference to churches in Ika land
and it now calls for a serious concern. Profanity as it implies is a
behavour that shows lack of respect for God and holy things. A
behavior that promotes materialism rather than spiritual things. God
as a spiritual Father and the creator of all human beings on planet
earth expects that all who worship Him must do that in spirit and in
truth. It is upon this fact that the church as a spiritual place of
worship was founded by Jesus Christ who came and died for mankind
more than 2000 years ago.

on earth, Jesus Christ lived a very low profile life that is worthy
of emulation, a life that was devoid of corruption, materialism and
personal aggrandizement. A sacrificial and holy life that did not
only please God but also helped in no small measure to spread the
“Good News of the gospel of God to different parts of the world. At
that time, the primary aim of the church is to first preach salvation
and then deliverance. The early Christians and Apostles after the
death of Jesus Christ were reported in the Holy Bible to be living in
one accord in faith, not going to the politicians or government
officials to beg for money, all in the name of executing one church
project or the other just as today churches are doing.

the early Christians who feared God by standing firm to their faith,
today Christians in different churches particularly pastors of Ika
nation, are beginning to practice the popular adage that says do what
I say and not what I do. That is to say, they advise and preach to
people to love, obey and fear God but on the other hand they do
otherwise. As servants of God, most pastors have since abandoned the
true ways of worshiping and are instead using their own senses to run
their churches. They no longer seek the opinion of God before major
decisions are taken in their churches. The worst of it all is that
the church which is suppose to be a holy place where the undiluted
truth about the word of God is supposed to be preached is now
becoming grounds for political campaigns by failed politicians. A
good example is in the last April 2011 Nigerian general elections
where almost all the churches in Ika land were visited by Ika
politicians who were candidates of different political parties
looking for victory at all cost. During these visits, whooping amount
of monies were donated by these politicians in the pretense that they
are using it to support the work of God. During this period, some of
these Ika politicians who became so magnanimous in their giving were
ordained as pastors even when it was very glaring that they do not
have the moral qualification to be called deacons and deaconesses not
to talk of pastots in the first place. It did not stop there, they
(politicians) have become regular guest speakers at different church
programmes in Ika land.
inviting political office holders to church programmes is not wrong
but having them preach in a consecrated church pulpit is relegating
the church to the background. The church of God is a holy place for
those who are heavenly conscious not for corrupt politicians who are
only conscious of their own welfare, and that of their family members
and friends. It is time we understand the difference between a church
and campaign ground, the difference between a clergy and a politician
and place each one of them where they belong. We should stop
desecrating the house of God because of stipends from politicians. We
should stop using our human sense to handle the things of God rather,
the truth should be told no matter how bitter it is. Ika political
office holders have all failed to live up to expectations judging by
the level of infrastructural decay in Ika land, hence, our church
leaders should advise them (politicians) to repent from their lies
instead of ordaining them as pastors. The destiny of Ika nation lies
in our hands. If we all fail today to play our collective roles by
not speaking the truth, especially the church’s, tomorrow will pose
a greater danger for all of us. The church is a place where the truth
must be said no matter whose ox is gored.

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