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The argument over stolen money last weekend at
Owa-Ofie, Ika North East Local Government Area has led to the setting on fire
of a building belonging to Mr. Sunday Okeyenehike.

According to Mr. Sunday Okeyenehike,” i returned home
that evening of Friday, 11th
November 2011 only to be told that my building has been set on fire
by Mr. Amos Egbon as a result of bitter argument between him and my younger
brother, Chukwuekwu Okeyenehike.”

Mr. Okeyenehike said that the shocking sight of the
building made him speechless. He, however, appealed to Egbon family to come to
his aid by renovating his house for him and replacing the damaged properties.
He further disclosed that the matter has been reported to the Owa-Oyibu Police

In an interview with Ika Weekly, Mr. Amos Egbon who
spoke in tears regretted his actions that led to the burning of the building.
He noted that the discussion and argument which resulted to the fight and
destruction was due to stolen money from an Abavo woman by one Mr. Osebor
Monday. Mr. Egbon disclosed that the discussion predicated false accusation on
the Abavo woman and the Owa-Ofie vigilante was on the ground that the
information on the stolen money was untrue, noting that the woman and the
vigilante only wanted to extort money from Osebor.  He said that the statements made him walk
away from the discussion scene.

He added that because he walked away, Mr. Chukwuekwu
Okeyenehike who is a vulcanizer in front of their family house made jest of him
with his illness of over fifteen years without help. Mr. Egbon noted that such
mockery made him very angry and led to his action.

Mr. Egbon begged Mr. Alex Oshiegbu, whose property was
burnt during the incident, to temper justice with mercy. He also appealed to
the general public to come to his aid as regards his ailment which has brought
reproach to his life. The Owa-Ofie vigilante Chairman, Mr. Sunday Agborma said
that his plea with Mr. Egbon not to indulge in devilish act was in vain, adding
any person involved in such act has flouted the rules and regulations of the
vigilante group by disturbing the peace of the people.

Sympathetic residents of the community who tried
to stop the fire in the house  sustained
severe injuries.

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