ABOMINATION: Paul Nduka Eluhaiwe, Former CBN Director, Disrespects Agbor Monarch; Drags Agbornigidi Group into Disrepute

ABOMINATION: Paul Eluhaiwe, Former CBN Director, Disrespects Agbor Monarch; Drags Agbornigidi Group into Disrepute

By Ikaworld Team



It was a show of shame and an embarrassment to what Agbornigidi organization stands for when an Agbor indigene Mr. Paul Nduka Eluhaiwe, a former Director of Central Bank Nigeria and the current vice Chairman of Agbornigidi in Abuja, tried to prevent the entourage of His Royal Majesty Dein of Agbor, from entering the venue of Agbornigidi meeting as well as verbally disrespecting His Royal Majesty in Abuja on the 15th of April 2018.

According to our source, the Dein of Agbor who was in Abuja for a meeting with the Comptroller of Nigerian Immigration Services, Mr. Muhammed Babandede, was the guest at a get-together held in his honour by Agbor indigenes in Abuja on Friday 13th of April 2018.

Although many important Agbor men and women were not in town during the king’s unannounced visit, our source revealed that some others like Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe who were in town and were invited to the get-together refused to come and meet the king.

When the Dein learnt that Agbornigidi group in Abuja was holding its meeting on Sunday 15th April 2018, despite the fact that some of the group’s leaders did not show up at the Friday get-together, the king still decided to pay them a visit.

On Sunday 15th April 2018, as the Dein of Agbor was getting ready to leave for Agbornigidi meeting along with Barr. Jude Ifesemen, also a member of Agbornigidi group, Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe called Barr Jude and screaming and ordering that Dein should not come to the meeting ”if he knows what is good for him” and commanding Barr. Jude Ifesemen to listen to him “real good” that he should tell the Dein of Agbor that he is not invited to the meeting. His message was overheard by the king, who was present during the call, to his embarrassment.

The phone call was not expected to be from Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe. He had used another person’s phone to make the call to Barr. Jude Ifesemen who at the time was hosting His Royal Majesty and at the same time receiving calls from elated Agbor people who could not make it to the Ifesemen’s but wished to greet “Baba” on phone and perhaps apologize for their absence.

But the Dein of Agbor was determined to meet his people.

soured reception at Agbornigidi meeting

Upon arrival at the meeting venue, the king’s staff went in to announce the arrival of ”Baba”, as the king is fondly called by his subjects. Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe who was chairing the meeting feigned ignorance, disrespectfully asking the king’s staff ”who is baba?” and ”who invited him?”

Sources at the meeting informed Ikaworld.com that Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe even threatened to walk out of the meeting if the king comes into the meeting.

Sources at the meeting informed Ikaworld.com that Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe even threatened to walk out of the meeting if the king comes into the meeting. This threat immediately resulted in one of his supporters walking out of the meeting, thinking Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe would follow. But he didn’t. Other members of Agbornigidi at the meeting helped calm the situation.

To the amazement of all members present, immediately the Dein of Agbor walked into the meeting, Mr. Eluhaiwe’s attitude changed. He became the all-loving-subject and full of praises for the king. But that wasn’t to last.

and then it gets worse

Just after the king finished his address which was mainly a message of hope, asking his people to look towards the future and cooperate with him in making Agbor kingdom great, Mr. Eluhaiwe took to the floor to welcome the Dein of Agbor.

He informed the king that he had made up his mind never to visit Agbor Royal Palace again and went further to misrepresent a matter that arose during a visit to Agbor Royal Palace by Agbornigidi leaders from Abuja, Agbor and Lagos on Easter day, April 1st 2018.

The issue concerns a pronouncement on a prominent Agbor man by the Dein of Agbor due to the king’s dissatisfaction with the non-cooperative attitude of the man towards the developmental issues in Agbor kingdom.

Mr. Eluhaiwe, according to our sources, claimed that he was angry because of the king’s refusal to change his pronouncement on this prominent Agbor man in spite of Agbornigidi leaders kneeling down to beg the king to forgive the man. Even worse and more bizarre, Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe also said that the king placed a curse on all Agbor illustrious sons and daughters. Although this was false and never happened, this rumor was already in circulation in Abuja before the arrival of the king and had filtered into the Friday’s get-together.

According to people present at the Agbornigidi meeting, the king was having none of it.

It can be recalled that the Dein of Agbor has strongly spoken out in several press releases and circulated videos, against rumor-mongering and false accusations among Agbor people. The king himself has been a victim of many vexing rumors set in motion by unidentified sources but amplified, circulated by some Agbor elites, giving credibility to such false rumors.

Rev. Fr. Isaac Abu, a member of Agbornigidi who was also present at the Easter day palace visit immediately disagreed with Mr. Eluhaiwe’s claims. Rev. Fr. Isaac Abu, in the presence of the king, explained to people present that the king stated that he would forgive the prominent Agbor man if he comes to Agbor Royal Palace to meet with the king. Rev. Fr. Isaac Abu also revealed that the king delegated Agbornigidi leaders who visited the palace to take the message to the prominent Agbor man.

According to another source present at Easter day palace visit, Mr. Eluhaiwe revealed his own duplicity by simply turning logic on its head and lied earlier by claiming that the king had warned them not to tell the prominent Agbor man of the king’s pronouncement. If the person involved was not to be told, how else does the king expect him to present himself to the palace?

Agbor Community Union’s President who was also present during the Easter day meeting corroborated Rev. Fr. Isaac Abu’s version of events when contacted by Ikaworld.com on this matter.

and they protect each other even in sin

Ikaworld.com was informed that immediately after the Agbornigidi meeting on Sunday 15th April 2018 the palace contacted the National Chairman of Agbornigidi, Mr. Barth Ibegbulem, to protest Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe’s behaviour.

When contacted by Ikaworld.com, Mr. Barth Ibegbulem admitted that the incident was reported to him by the palace. He stated that he has investigated the issue and claimed that it was all a misunderstanding, and blamed Barr. Jude Ifesemen who took the king’s entourage to the Agbornigidi meeting in Abuja. The National chairman of Agbornigidi took time to inform Ikaworld.com that Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe loves Agbor kingdom and respects the Dein of Agbor. He took time to explain that it was Eluhaiwe that made available the bags of rice that the leaders of Agbornigidi presented to the palace during their Easter day visit. The National chairman of Agbornigidi, Mr. Bath Ibegbulem said that the king should have given advance notice so preparations can be made for him.

However, it remains a mystery how lack of advance notice justifies the abominable actions of Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe and how a man who loves his king and Agbor kingdom would commit these acts.

Specifically, that the national chairman did not address the disrespectful behavior and misrepresentation of the king by Mr. Eluhaiwe was unsettling to those contacted by Ikaworld.com on this matter.

Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe told Ikaworld.com, when contacted on this matter, that the Agbornigidi meeting at Abuja went well and that he will not comment about his king on the phone.

Barr. Jude Ifesemen confirmed the incident and the embarrassment it caused all members present at the meeting, when contacted by Ikaworld.com.

He also made it clear that as a subject of the Dein of Agbor, it is his duty to obey the instructions of his king. He also added that the Dein of Agbor has a right to visit any meeting of Agbor people at any time. Barr. Jude Ifesemen explained further that even Agbornigidi’s constitution states that it is open to all Agbor persons, so he finds it difficult to understand why anyone would contemplate stopping the king from attending.

It was generally agreed by several Agbornigidi members interviewed that Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe had crossed a line that is traditionally forbidden. He had taken an issue concerning another man which has nothing to do with him, crying more than the bereaved, and publicly disrespecting his monarch, His Royal Majesty Dein of Agbor.

It is also a wonder how a man that disrespects His Royal Majesty Dein of Agbor is allowed to remain a member of a leading Agbor socio-cultural group talk less of remaining one of its leaders even for one day. Can people with anti-palace attitude and sentiments honestly contribute positively to the sustainable progressive Agbor kingdom?

and what is going on?

None of our sources is exactly sure about what is going on. But, according to one of sources who pleads anonymity due to strong business ties with the major actors in this matter, the sheer effrontery of a subject, irrespective of his socio-economic status, publicly confronting his king with false accusations the way Mr. Paul Eluhaiwe did is confounding and bizarre, to say the least.

According various sources contacted on this matter, it is believed that some Agbornigidi leaders, emboldened by their personal/business relationship with major stakeholders and national icons like Mr. Godwin Emefiele (Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria), Jim Ovia founder (pioneer Group Managing Director / CEO of Zenith Bank Plc) and others, are bent on becoming a thorn in the side of the Dein of Agbor.

It was even claimed by another source that these false rumors about the Dein of Agbor circulated by some of these  Agbornigidi leaders are aimed at causing disaffection between these Agbor national icons and the Dein of Agbor.
It was even claimed by another source that these false rumors about the Dein of Agbor circulated by some of these  Agbornigidi leaders are aimed at causing disaffection between these Agbor national icons and the Dein of Agbor. The more disenchanted these national icons and major stakeholders are with the Dein of Agbor the more relevant these elite rumor-mongers remain relevant in their role as go-between these national icons and the king. This go-between roles are said to be very profitable.

All these negative actions, according to our source, are clearly affecting Agbor kingdom’s progress and development.

As at the time of publishing this article, there was no official response from Agbor Royal Palace on this matter.





*All interviews for this news article were conducted from 15th – 24th April 2018 by Ikaworld.com team with additional input from an external freelance interviewer in the interest of objectivity.

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