Dein Palace on 5th July 2012 held a meeting with the Security Agents in Ika
South Local Government Area, the HPM of the LGA. The Ndichens, Idibodein, the
youths and professionals: – Okada and tricycle operators and some prominent
elders to discuss the current and disturbing wave of kidnapping, robbery and
raping in Agbor Kingdom.

an in depth brainstorming and critical analysis of the environment; it was
agreed that the elders, youths and all and sundry should cooperate with the
Security Agents towards identifying and fighting these hydra-headed criminals.

it was resolved that henceforth every Land Lord/Ladies should have details of
tenants in their  houses for purpose of
identifying who is who in the community. Any Landlord who harbours a criminal
could be deemed to be aiding and abetting criminality and may be so charged and
prosecuted. Land Lords are also advised to report tenants / persons who have no
visible means of livelihood but live ostentatious and flamboyant live style.

 Additionally, Land Lord Association or Neighbourhood
Watch should be encouraged in all the villages in Agbor Kingdom including
Boji-Boji metropolis. It was further agreed that an Information Box” should be
emplaced in strategic locations in all the Villages and at the Palace  in particular where people who  hitherto were afraid to provide vital intelligence
to security agencies (police and SSS)  could post such information discreetly.

meeting further advised the Security Agents (Police) to occasionally raid
Hotels, Restaurants and Hostels because most of the criminals take off, reside
or use such public places as rendezvous.

the Ndichiens and Idibodein were advised to carry the messages to their various
villages or communities.  Equally,
members present were advised to pass on the messages to their various Organization,
Associations and Churches.

climax of the meeting (after the departure of the invitees) was the  dreaded and efficacious traditional Swearing
by all present calling on our Creator and our ancestors to arise and arrest any
Agbor person or non Agbor involved directly or indirectly in trying to tarnish
the good image of Agbor Kingdom to die a shameful death. The Palace Chiefs, the
youths and all present in unison appealed to our Ancestors to further arise and
purge the Kingdom of enemies of peace, unity, prosperity and propagators of

anyAgbor man or woman, elder, youth aiding and abetting robbery, kidnapping,
raping and other criminality shall be exposed disgraced and die shamefully.

Curse was cemented with the traditional stamping of feet on the soil and sealed
with Holy Ghost and the Blood of Jesus.               

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