VIDEO: Interview with Gloria Adagbon

In this Interview, Gloria Adagbon speaks exclusively about her passion
for Igbanke, the struggle to see Igbanke in Anioma, how far the
struggle has gone, the reason for the struggle and the activities of
INPA Igbanke National Progressive Alliance.In the video below she talks about the
mission of INPA to help and work for the development of Igbanke
community and she also  speaks  of the high rate of neglect in
infrastructure. ANIOMA ISSUE: In the next video she touches on the "hot button" issue of the need for Igbanke to be in Anioma State if eventually new states are created and why this is necessary.Here she speaks about the 8,5 KM road construction going on in Igbanke
community and the role INPA is playing in Monitoring the project.Security: Gloria Adagbon speaks about the newly constructed Police Post built and donated by an Igbanke citizen and the controversy that followed it.She speaks about the plight of Igbanke elected politicians in a "Foreign State" that is supposed to be theirs in the next videoThe death of infrastructure like the library and ICT for the use of the
igbanke people and what the INPA is doing to help.Below she talks about the forthcoming INPA meeting in December at Express Hotel, Oligie-Igbanke

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