Facebook Murder: Monarch Decries The Killing Of Cynthia

Facebook Murder: Monarch Decries The Killing Of Cynthia


The Obi of Owa Kingdom in Ika North-East Local
Government Area of Delta state, His Royal Majesty Emmanuel Efeizomor II,
has condemned in strong term the gruesome murder of Cythia Osokogu,
victim of social media as coup against the Nigerian nation and against
the conscience of civilized people.

The Monarch’s statement comes a day before the
remains of the victim – daughter of Maj. Gen. Frank Osokogu, (rtd) will
be interred in her home, Owa Alero, the Monarch’s domain.

The Monarch said the incident, has further showed
that the Nigerian society is in a fast state of decay where everything
is abused.

“There was what used to be pen pal in the past which, by technological
development, has metamorphosed into Facebook, where one write letter
and communicate with somebody that one does not know. People married through it and progressed by it in life”.

According to him, “We must recognize that humanity is
in danger; that civilization is in danger and abused by those who
murdered Cynthia in cold blood. They must be roundly condemned and
punished accordingly”.

“Those who short-circuit the life of Cynthia have murdered sleep,
murder civilization, murdered development, stampeded growth and trust.
They have committed a heinous crime against the entire universe, against
the entire humanity and against progress and development”, the monarch

Efeizomor added that the entire people of Owa were
mourning the death of Cynthia who, he said, was not allowed to
contribute to the development of her fatherland by her killers.

The 24-year-old Cynthia, a post-graduate student and second runner-up in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) beauty pageant, 2009 was lured to Lagos by fraudsters posing as friends on Facebook who ended up killing her.

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