Epistle 1

Honestly, this piece deserves a better title, but I can’t think of any other than this.

The future of any united nation depends on some forces like peace, equality, social justice among others as its guided principle to meet with the inescapable reality of irremovable and ineradicable fundamental division of artificially imposed social, economic and political partition called federal character, quota system or zoning both at federal, state, local and even community levels which continue to plague the advent of the future that is craved.

Ika Nation has been confronted lately with social, economic and political rifts between the communities that make up Ika – supposed kit and kin; the struggle for an ideal of recognition, equality and justice.

I am concerned with the realities this portrait to our dear nation called IKA and how we constantly through our representatives deny those realities at our own peril. Surely the loss of a fundamental sense of identification must have created an emotional turmoil for our ancestors.

Ika Nation must rise up and unite to confront the common enemy – poverty, illiteracy, marginalization, unemployment, underdevelopment, and corruption, total neglect of the rural communities, cultism, armed robbery and other social vices.

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