Obi of Igbodo,s Wife Ejected from Palace


Outrage in Delta community
over deportation of monarch’s wife

1, 2013 ·  


Asaba—NATIONAL Coordinator
of Forum for Justice and Human Rights Defence, FJHD, Mr. Oghenejabor Ikimi,
yesterday, described the forceful ejection of the wife of the Obi of Igbodo
from the palace because she was not an indigene of the community as “inhuman,”
vowing to report the matter to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

However, the Iyase of
Igbodo (the Prime Minister), Dr. Joseph Unomah told Vanguard that “what Igbodo
people did was proper. They went to the palace to demand one thing from the
Obi. To ask him why he has been disgracing the community.

“Why should he marry a
non-indigene? The last straw that broke the camel’s back was that he (Obi)
brought the said lady to the palace. So the community rose, marched to the
palace and demanded her evacuation.”

Ikimi  said: “The
Igbodo experience would be reported to the National Human Rights Commission in
Abuja and same shall form part of our periodic review report on women’s right
in Nigeria.

“That custom is cruel,
inhuman, absurd and repugnant to natural law, equity and good conscience. There
is, therefore, the urgent need by the Federal Government based on its firm
commitment to the United Nations to intensify efforts in guaranteeing women’s
rights against harmful traditional practices such as that obtainable in Igbodo
by enacting legislation to prohibit such harmful practices against women and
also embark on enlightenment campaign to eradicate such obnoxious practices.

“In the absence of such a
legislation, our women would continue to be exposed to all forms of violence
such as female genital mutilation, harmful traditional practices against
widows, among others, in the name of traditional customs with minimal help from
human rights groups.”




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