The people of Alioye Community in Owa-Alero.

As earlier reported in previous edition that Owa-Alero
is a heterogeneous society that was harmonized by brother Oath of love and

The patrilinage of the Alioye people could be traced
to Izagbo, originally from Ute-Alieduku. He was a great Hunter and a veteran
warrior, who had fought legendary battles.

As he came to the plain of Arada in one of his hunting
expedition he was warmly received by Ebowise and his family and his comrade
co-patriarch, Egwe the father of Aliegwe.

Izagbo was also captivated by the beauty and charm of
Oyemeh the only daughter of Ebowise.

Izagbo, a steadily built young man with thick set
frame capable of soldierly protection. He wished to marry the highly priced
daughter of Ebowise called Oyeme and fondly refered to as Oyeme. (In
translation means Osuokam or I like her in the English version)

Needless to discuss here the love melodrama that
transpired between them.

At the end, Izagbo married Oye on the point that he
will live in proximity with Ebowise for both protection and fellowship.

It is important to trace the various families that
make up the Alioye community before we emback on individual chronology.

Isije was the father of Egbede, the father of Ebowise,
the great patriarch of Owa-Alero.

                Ebowise married Iroro, from whose
name Alero is derived. Oyeme, their only daughter, was married to Izegbo from
Ute clan.

Oye had the following children for Izegbo. Osoh,
Ozogan, Ekei and Ihiai. These are the princes of Alioye.

The descendants of Osoh the son of Izagbo and Oye. The
Children of Ebowise and Iroro the great patriarch of Owa-Alero.

Osoh begat the following families, Odigwe, Ogbeikpa,
Ojei and Okomkponkpor. These were the family line of Osoh.

Ozogan begat the following families- Efoseh (a female)
the mother of Irabor married to Odiakaose of Otolokpo and they gave birth to
Irabor of Owa-Alero, whose gene the royal Highness posses. Ozogan also gave
birth to Okwugwu, descendants of Okha. The progenity also include the Okurube
lineages, the Eseka, Emefiele etc.

Among the lineage are Osifoh.

Osifoh gave birth to Ted, Aghairu, Idabor who lilved
in Aliegwe.

The family also includes the Obuseh, Azagbohin.

(Time and space will not permit to extol this paragon
of beauty Azagbohin the daughter of Osifoh. That was used to settle a homicide
case). She was exchanged for a lunatic from Idumesa where She lived and died)

Agboma was the youngest. She was married to Ojeile of
Idumueboh and their family include the Okongi, Aaron, Ozuor, Agbor a pioneer of
the Anglican community in Owa-Alero Iyarre family a direct progeny of Okoh the
descendants of Ozogan He was popularly called Okoh Iyarre.

The lineage includes Ugbomor, the patriarch of
Agbogun, Ogoh, Ejemugo, Ekwu. Iyarre also has a son whom he called Okoh, he is
the family of Ehima the father of Eguabor the grand father of Ambassador Godson
Echegile. The Okoh was also the father of Imudia, Eboru and Ajabor.

Ajabor married a wife from Idumuebor. They gave birth
to Erigbuem who was the the father of Chief Igabor Ignatus Erigbuem was
popularly called Chief I.I. Erigbuem.

Erigbuem was shared to his matriliner side of
Idumu-Ugbala. Other children of Ajabor include Ugboh, Osonch Okwuwe the great
Omu of Owa-Alero.

Imudia, a daughter of Okoh and sister to Ajabor, gave
birth to Ehigie, Akakpor, Mordi and Azagba the wife of Ogumu the son of Ayoko.

As reported earlier, Efosa, daughter, descendents of
Ozogan married Odiakose of Otolokpo, they gave birth to Irabor who was shared
to his matriliner side Alioye Owa-Alero. Irabor became a patriarch that begat
Abonkon, Nkponkpor, Agada, Ngi, a daughter married at Ute- Erumu, other Irabor
children are Nwauru, Otobo, Akaiwe married Okobia and fathered Maghagbe, also
one of the pioneer members of the Anglican community of Owa-Alero.

Irabor was a legendry one of the greatest Alioye man.
A re-known chief, a wealthy farmer with large barn and large herds of cow.

Irabor’s son married Akuigwe the daughter of Osude, the wife of Alikpoba of
Emuhu. Akuigwe lived so long that people began to think that death had
forgotten her.

She was the grandmother of the Obi of Owa Kingdom.
Whose gene of longevity life of the Royal Highness could be traceable to.

readily comes to mind while reading through this neatly researched and
coherently compiled work is posterity. Our culture and tradition is gradually
fading giving way to western civilization and culture such work as this is
needed at this time to re-capture the essence of our origin for the benefit of
our future generation. Support this great project.” Okwunoja Silva.

Please send your family Chronology.


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