Health they say is wealth and a healthy
nation is a wealthy nation. It is only the man who has health that can transact
business or participate either in sports tournament or politics. A sick man no
matter how influential he is cannot meet up in life, hence, any effort at developing
the health sector should be commended.

Nigeria, in the area of health care is
still very far compared to what is currently obtained in developed countries of
the world like the United States of America. As a result of the inadequacies
that, Nigerian hospitals are known for, many Nigerians now travel abroad for
medical treatments and those who could not afford the money of travelling
abroad leave their lives to fate.

in Ika Federal constituency something great has been happening as regards effective
and quality health care as the Chief Executive Officer, Delta Doctors in
Diaspora and Isioma Okobah Foundation, Dr. Mrs. Isioma Okobah has since the
past seven years been offering free medical treatments and drugs to people who
are having health problems. She has also during the period transversed the
nooks and crannies of all the communities in Ika land carrying out humanitarian
and selfless services. In addition to the free medical services that she is
offering, Dr. Mrs. Okobah has donated hospital equipments such as mattresses,
wheel chairs, rollers, syringes, and bed sheets, worth millions of naira to
Central Hospital, Agbor, Uweifo Orthropaedic Hospital, Ewuru and many health
centers in Ika land. The BIG NEWS at the moment is that she has built,
furnished and donated an  hospital at
Igbodo which will be offering free medical services to people, mostly people
from Ika Federal Constituency.  According




the Igbodo born medical doctor, the
hospital has a resident doctor and nurses who will be attending to and treating
patients twenty-four hours of the day.

taking politics aside, which unfortunately is making many people not to
appreciate whenever individuals on their own execute land mark projects for the
people; if rich and influential people in Ika land are toeing the footsteps of
Dr Mrs. Okobah, even if it is not on health care but in other areas like
education, Ika land will become a glory land.

drives successful economies of the world is effective combination of  both the private and government sectors which
obviously is missing in Nigeria. Be that as it may, Drs. Mrs. Okobah’s selfless
effort towards quality and free health care if emulated by other well meaning
private individuals can go a long way in solving the age long problems
militating against the Nigerian health sector.

achieve this, the government should at all cost welcome private partnership and
as well encourage individuals who are into humanitarian works. The populace on
their part should learn how to reciprocate and appreciate people whenever they
spend their hard earned money on them, for when one is thanked for doing a good
job, he will have the mind to do more. Government cannot do everything at the
same time, hence, complementing its efforts just like people like Dr. Mrs.
Okobah, Jim Ovia, Paul Odili, among others are doing is commendable We can make
Ika land the United States of Nigeria if we all shun personal greed and give in
our best to things that will make us move forward for the Bible has told us
that givers never lack.

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