As the nation is
settling down to the new democratic process and also grasping with the reality
of Boko-Haram insurgence, Delta State is faced with the reality of economic and
infrastructural development. In this light, Ika political leaders need to rise
up and face the challenge  by delivering
the dividend of democracy.

                The trouble with Nigeria is
simply the failure of leadership. The problem is simply unwillingness or
inability of its leaders to rise to their responsibility which is hallmark, of
true leadership.

                This same view was shared by
Prof. Chinua Achebe, Nigerian foremost novelist in his tiny but thought
provoking book, “The Trouble With Nigeria”. He believes that leaders are those
people who make the difference. He cited Murtala Mohammed, who was able to make
Lagos Civil Servants stay “on their seat” at 7:30 am  despite the proverbial “go slow” slogan which
had become the regular alibi used by congenital late comers.

                Several other Nigerians have
echoed what Achebe have said with monotonous regularity, namely, that the
reason Nigeria has failed to make it to the “World League of developed
nations  is that it picked its third or
forth eleven to play for us, instead of its first eleven. The same goes to the
leadership of Nigerian Football  Federation
(NFF) which always feature the old players instead of going for young talented
ones. However Coach Stephen Keshi contrary to what his predecessors did tried
new talents at AFCON 2013 because he saw the vision which eventually gave the
Super Eagles Victory. This is true example of leadership.

                This Co-notes all aspects of the
national entity which Ika Land belongs to. When you take a close look at those
who have assumed the leadership of Ika South LGA since 1999 and asked yourself
how many of them were ready for the position you will then know why there is
nothing meaningful to show the presence of a grass-root leader in Ika South.
The citizens have never tested any grass-root development.

                Ika Youths in Politics went into
town to seek the opinion of the indigenes of Ika South and was able to fish out
periods which they have had it so good from their grass-root leaders who have
held the mantle of executive Chairmanship seat since 1999 either elected or
appointed, “We have never known the function of 
local government until now that we are seeing them grading Queen Street
and Charles Street now known as Jim Ovia Street, also, the clearing of all
drainages within Boji-Boji Metropolis”. a grass-root woman leader, said. The
renovation of Alihamie Road is also an evidence that there is still hope for
people of Ika South when good people are in power.

                Ika Youths in Politics also took
a close look at the administrations in Ika South and discovered that the slow
pace of development in Ika South LGA is as a result of leadership struggle and
followership betrayal. Now, it is believed that a connected political leader in
the local government has succeeded in totally taking over the entire structure
of the LGA because he is a dogged fighter and has taken the bull by the horn.
He was said to have told his followers that those who is seeking leadership
elsewhere should leave the entire LGA because there is no vacancy for any other
leader in Ika South.

                Recently, the Delta State
Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan sworn in Care-taker Committee to pilot
the affairs of the 25 LGA and Engr. Andrew Obiaz was appointed to chairman Ika
South.  When he took the oath of office,
he promised to work on the areas of security and environment.  So  far
within three  months in office, he has
been able to deliver on his promises. On the area of environment, he has so far
distributed fifty waste bins to many areas 
in the local government as a way of checkmating illegal waste disposal
within the communities. On the area of security, he donated the sum of
N1million Naira to the LGA vigilante group which also is in line with the state
government three point agenda on checking insecurity. These few projects
executed within a short  period is an
indication that when giving the mandate by Ika South leaders and followers, a
good measure of the  dividends of
democracy can be achieved, the hope of the masses can still be high and above
all some needs of the people can be met.

                Shakespeare in his “Merchant of
Venice” says “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good
deed in a naughty world”. But some school of thought has argued that a nation
or community gets the type of leaders it deserves. Those in this schools think
that if the followership is rotten so will the leadership be.

                Therefore, the followers need to
rise to the challenge of choosing the right commander. Until Ika South fields
its first eleven, they will continue to play in the minor league. A stitch in
time saves nine.

                Lawrence Kimekwu-President Ika
Youths in politics

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