UTE OGBEJE (Ika Weekly) – The Vicar in charge of St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Ute Ogbeje, Rev. Victor Ezeamaka has called on all Christians, irrespective of their denominations to come together as one body as there is only one kingdom of God with Jesus Christ as the master.


Rev. Ezeamaka who was performing this year’s new yam festival for members of the church said the churches have no reason of working in isolation because Christianity is one body with one doctrine.


He remarked that like harvest thanksgiving, new yam festival is a period whereby farmers give thanks to God for the good harvest of the year, adding that it is not a pagan worship.


During the celebration, farm produce like yam, mellon, oranges plantain, pineapple, chickens and eggs were presented for blessing and later shared among the producers and the less-privileged members of the society.

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