�A kind hearted man is a good companion all the time� This kind hearted Nigerian from, Ndobu quarters in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State is no other person than Mr Chris Ubani. An expert in an unfamiliar field of Special Needs, Autism Spectrum, and Down Syndrome. When many people are pursuing courses in law, Accountancy etc, with the intention to accumulate financial wealth, he decided to focus on developing the human potential of people. He is a dogged believer in the maxim �what you sow, you will reap�. In an emotion laddened interview, he bares his mind on the necessity to invest in cash and in kind in our compatriots who have one form of physical challenge or another. It gives him great joy to put smiles on the faces of the forgotten and the less privileged in the society. He believes that the sojourn of man on earth is incomplete without showing care to his fellowman. Even though he has spent several year in disapora, he believes in the Nigerian project. He sees a bright tomorrow for Igbodo community and our beloved country.

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May we meet you Sir?

My name is Mr. Chris Ubani (Alias Nwadike), an Inspirational/Visionary person. I am a native of Igbodo Ndobu Quarters in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. My late father’s name is Mr. Nwabuoke Ubani (Alias Onyemekeogor Ikpeama) a brave and a great man indeed. He was a great farmer, herbalist and a butcher known by everybody in my village. He talks in parables. His middle name Onyemekeogor means kindheartedness. I inherited this name from my father because he told me that whatsoever you sow, you will reap. If you do good you will reap good. This lesson he taught me has been of tremendous help to me in life.

Can you tell us about your educational background?

I attended Comprehensive High School, Igbodo up until 1985. I had a brief start at drilling of boreholes, Installation/Services, water and Oil Company, Cinab Engineering & Geological Services Ltd, from where I proceeded to University of Lagos, to pursue Degree Programme in Business Administration (BSc). I later went to Portsmouth University in the United Kingdom where I obtained my BSc (Hons) degree in Learning Difficulty Studies and Special Need (L.D.S) (UK). I am now pursuing my Masters degree in International and Maritime Law at the same university. I have always wanted to live up to my middle name and the desire to help people with special needs, autism spectrum and the Down syndrome is uppermost in my mind. So the BSc (Hons) in LDS that I obtained in the year 2008 was a step in the right direction, this opened my eyes to the experience of people who are disadvantaged by isolation, disability and poverty.

After earning your degrees, what did you do next?

I was studying and working at the same time. Not too long after my graduation, I registered a company, a legal entity that will enable me to practice that which I desired. The name of the enterprise is Global Inspirations. The sole purpose of establishing this company was to support people with Learning disabilities who are not privileged physically or mentally and also to support my charitable organisation. I realized that I must make an impact in my generation. It is not only in politics that you can make a difference. As an Inspirational and Visionary person, I decided to support people who cannot help themselves, nor survive on their own, to give them hope to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. I ensure that less privileged people are fed and provided for. My establishment is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) or simply a nonprofit making organisation. Another reference to my kind of establishment is a charity organization. It is based in the United Kingdom. I am the chairman as well as the (CEO) with many people of like minds partnering with me. Trainees and other advocacy groups registered in the U.K by the (Care Quality Commission) CQC are together championing the course of the underprivileged.

When did you leave Nigeria?

Precisely in 1990. I left Nigeria for Germany. Over there, I Studied German Language, worked with a Private Firm, V.DIA and with the Military at the Army Installation in Heidelberg, Germany. It was there I left for the United Kingdom to further my education.

Why were you particularly interested in studying (LDS?)

Instead of studying engineering or medicine or law like majority of people do, and because of my desire to restore the dignity of my fellow men, I choose to study how to support and care for people with learning disability, difficulty and other special needs. Do you remember, I told you that my late father was a caring person, good and kindhearted! Right from infancy, he has always inculcated in me the idea of being good and doing charitable work, not only to my siblings or my biological relatives but to all I meet. He taught me about the story of the Good Samaritan which played itself out as I grew up. One day a lady stumbled and fell in Igbodo Market, everybody within the vicinity did not bother to assist her, but my father did. I have passion for supporting and caring for people. I believe and have faith in God who is the controller of all things. Indeed He has played key roles in my chosen field, in Him I trust!

Why do you have so much passion for your community?

Even before I left the country, I have always been involved in the affairs of my community. I want my community to develop, and I want people to invest in the community. No sane person can exist without his people. I was once a youth leader. I devoted my time to voluntary works, fund raising, sporting activities and quiz competitions with other schools. I am still aglow for my beloved Igbodo community. I love Igbodo land, long live my people. �Igbodo Limma Olinianyicha Mma.� (If Igbodo is good, it is good for all of us)

What is your position in Igbodo Development Union (IDU?)

For many years, I was the president, Igbodo Development Union, Germany. One time President and Vice president in the United Kingdom. I was one of the pioneers of the IDU (UK). Coordinator, active member and very supportive to the union.

Did you play any role during the building of the new Igbodo Police Station?

Yes, I was the initiator, one of the Facilitators, one of the coordinators, and one of the major financial contributors. From day one, I knew that this Police building is God ordained project.

The issue of security is paramount to any civil society and it’s in the best interest of my people and country. Safety is also paramount to me. When I cast my mind backwards. I remember muting this idea of building this police station. I believed that one day this laudable project will see the light of the day. Since I had a good relationship with my people at home, communication was easy. I and my people came to a conclusion that the building of a befitting police station for the Igbodo community was long overdue. All due process was followed before we embarked on this massive project (Police Divisional Headquarters). My people are predominantly farmers; very industrious people. We are the food basket of Delta State and Nigeria. With good policing, business will thrive, and with security and development for Igbodo community and its environs, traders will go about their business, unhindered, the community will grow, and with many other benefits.

Another benefit to my community is that we have a commissioner of police whom I have known for decades that cares about Security and development. My relationship with him is very cordial. During the foundation laying and commissioning of the police station, the CP recalled how I have been yearning to do something for my people by coming up with the fantastic idea of this Divisional Police station headquarters, he was so excited and delighted about it considering the alarming cases of armed robbery, kidnapping, banditry and crime rate in the state and Nigeria. He knows I am always at the side of my people. I sincerely hope that God will sustain him, because he is an asset not only to Delta State but the entire Nigeria and the world.

From your course of study and experience, what is your advice to the youths?

Being focus is the key to achieving anything in life. Unfortunately many youths have derailed. These days’ people are impatience. They want to sow today and reap immediately. This is impossible. An individual’s progress in life should be either arithmetic or geometric in growth. Anything short of this is fraud. I have good dream, which I have held tenaciously to. I advise the youths to have good dreams about their future and be determined to achieve it no matter the challenges and obstacles they might encounter. Today, I and my team go from place to place e.g. Churches, orphanages to encourage people, to give them hope and financial support. Our youths must be prepared to fight against challenges. Life is not easy. The way you lay your bed is how you will lie on it. They must be courageous and obey the law of our land. I am also using this medium to advise our governments to carry the youths along since this country belongs to everybody. We all cannot be politicians. We must have leaders to lead well. Government must as a matter of urgency cater for the people. I see a bright tomorrow for this country (Nigeria).

Do you have any project you are embarking on presently?

Yes. I am embarking on a water project in Asaba and Okpanam. When you are setting up a company, you need to do feasibility study, consider the viability, location of the company, electricity rate, market etc. Asaba and Okpanam happens to be a suitable place because of the population. I have gone into this business in other to be able to fund my charitable organization in other to support and help the less privileged. I have also given free accommodation to flood victims in Delta state to support and assist the Government. We should not leave everything for the government alone, because the government cannot do everything, however what you can do is to support and assist the government.

What is your advice to Igbodo people at home and in diaspora?

My advice to them is for them to influence development, invest in their community as security will help in protecting lives and properties. Co-operate with security agents, by passing or giving vital information. Don’t leave it to the government alone. A tree cannot make a forest; we must be fully united in other to build a strong Igbodo community. We must be self-reliant. The love of our people for their community must not wane. We have come this far because we believe in a common goal. This is exemplified in the first successful completion of the police station. My people in diaspora will one day come back home. Please come home and develop Igbodo land.

Would you like to thank anyone for the development of Igbodo community?

We thank God for leading us through and for giving us the wisdom to deliver the project. I thank Igbodians, home and abroad for all their massive support, prayers and what they have done for our community, especially this newly completed Police Project; the Legacy and glory is not only for one person, rather it is for all Nigerians. I thank Obi Ikechukwu Osadume Nkeobikwu 1 (Obi of Igbodo Kingdom) for his overwhelming response and support in my first one-to-one meetings with him regarding this Police project. The Ogene, Chief Okolie Anumene and other Ogenes of Igbodo, Central Executive Council of Igbodo (CEC). My special thanks to C.P of Delta State Police Command, Mr. Ikechukwu Ayo Aduba for keeping his promises. He is a man of high integrity. Hon Victor Nwokolo (Member Federal House of Rep), Hon Princess Ijienwa Okunonke (Chairman Ika North East L.G.A), Chief J.I.Unoma (Iyase of Igbodo Kingdom), Chief,P.C.Ozili JP. (Ekwugbama of Igbodo Kingdom and IDU President General Worldwide), for taking his time to travel round the globe soliciting for funds, Chris Mbulu for his coordinating role, Chuks Nwaka, Nkem Nwaeke (Press), Chief Emmanuel Mbulu (Akulueuno of Igbodo Kingdom), Chief, Dr. Uzuh (Isichitumeugo of Igbodo Kingdom). Comrade, Timothy Ogbu(JP), Martins Okocha, Kris Odega, Azuka. Ngemewai one of the major and early donor from (UK) V. Ubani Okocha, Comrade Ika Etumuse, Deacon, M. Okwaje (Engineer for the laudable Project), Dr. Mrs. Okobah, Joseph Mbulu, Finbank Plc for managing the project account for us. My Special thanks to our wife’s for being there for us and a host of Igbodians that I cannot mention their names. However, all their names will be published and kept for history in due course for the role played to achieve this laudable police divisional headquarter project. When God says yes, nobody can say no.

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