I have received
phone calls from men and women asking to fathom out the reason behind the
"dryness of my ink". Others often meet me on the way and would be
quick to ask same question. I have been confronted by friends on the social
media like Facebook, on the reason for my paucity in the news print. For all
this, I am grateful to my readers for their concern and it gives me a high
sense of joy knowing that some persons out there constitute my school of avid
readers.. To them, I say God bless you all. I 
announce now that I am back and also to appeal to all my readers that we
shall endeavour to maintain the flow of thought on issues cutting across
social, economic and geo-political matters and this will be treated on the
platter of constancy, fluency and regularity.

 Well, we have so many issues that need our
attention to be drawn to it. Ranging from social, economic, geographical to
political issues. We are very ready for an analitical, precise and
thought-provoking discourse of issues in such manner that contending situations
shall not be spared.

First of all,
much as the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not contain
nor  support the entrenchment and
imposition of caretaker administration on local 
councils nationwide, nor is it acceptable, by informed members of the
public, yet it is our  considered opinion
to eminently salute the Ika South Caretaker Chairman, Engr Andrew Obiazi, for
the good work of structurally giving Ika south local council secretariat a
facelift by re-roofing the huge administrative building. We also salute him for
tackling headlong the issue of waste disposal in Agbor metropolis (Orogodo) via
the provision of waste bins for the collection of generated waste at several
flashpoints and junctions.

But we note
quickly that such wastes being generated by citizens and collected through
government sponsored waste bins should, as a matter of environmental hygiene
and public necessity, be dutifully and regularly disposed of into a confined
and strictly regulated dump site. We also salute him for rehabilitating and
regrading many earth link roads, making transportation, communication and
evacuation of goods and farm products far easy for our rural dwellers who are
predominantly farmers. We urge him to look into other problems facing the local
council that bothers on insecurity, unemployment, physical planlessness,
infrastructural decay, banditry, disregard for moral and

tenets, etc.

 Nevertheless, in the face of the foregoing, we
call on the members of Delta State House of Assembly and His Excellency, Dr
Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, the Governor of Delta State to put their collective
axes together by respecting and upholding the stipulations of the constitution
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as enshrined in section 7 subsection 1 (as
ammended), by naming a date for the conduct of local government election in Delta
state, and go further to put all the necessary and democratic structures in
place to enhance and facilitate the conduct of a free, fair and people-oriented
local government election in all local councils in the state. This will not
only enable the people take part in the democratic process of electing who
governs and represent them, it will further deepen our democracy where the
whole system will gravitate towards perfection and a noticeable reduction or
absence of irregularities as practice, they say, makes prefect.

We reckon that
the countdown to 2015 has begun and several preparatory activities from
different quarters, interests, institutions, persons and communities are today
brewing, steaming and strategizing on ways and means to undo and or outsmart
their rivals via intra and inter political party maneuverings. Players and
political participants of different partisan backgrounds, and pedigree of some
sort are today striving to consummate a political merger relationship that
intend to pose a challenge to the long domineering of the ruling party today.
Much is being expected from that angle given the fact that the request for the
emergence of a viable opposition in the polity is long overdue.

We reckon also
that it appears it is no more business as usual in Ika land and Anioma nation
as no less than 3 currently serving and politically ready Aniomites are
smarting it out on a highly competitive race to occupy the Delta State
Government house in Asaba, come 2015. We therefore look forward to a near-stiff
political cum electoral competition in Delta North Senatorial District whereby
just one man or

woman will be
left standing on his or her partisan political pedestal for the inter party
electoral battle to grab the highly coveted seat of the Governor of Delta

We also, with a
deep sigh of great relief, welcome the entry of a socio-political guru, an
illustrously enterprising Son of Ika land, nay Ika South, Dr Felix C. Morka,
into the highly frayed, seriously unpredictable, murky, almost worn out and badly
damaged terrain of politics. This entry into the game of politics by Dr Morka
was contained in a solemn announcement made by him at a large meeting

called by New
Dawn Movement at Agbor on Wednesday 24th April 2013.  Hon Justice S. A Ehiwario, Rtd, once said,
"the game of politics is like a road under construction" hence, the
attribute of perfection, humane, prediction, etc, can not be expected. This is
an assignment the new entrant must face and turn it around for the good of the
people of Ika land.


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