It is no news
that electricity supply is epileptic and a burden that Nigerians must bear.
Despite all the efforts of the government in making sure this sector thrive, it
has remained a shadow of itself. Succeeding governments have set up various
committees to keep this sector alive. Unfortunately we keep arriving at the
same spot. Is electricity generation a new science?

                The issue of provision of
portable water is a no go area. This area has been abandoned by government and
left in the hands of smart businessmen who take advantage of the poor masses.

                It grieves my heart that our
people must remind the government of its primary responsibilities to provide
these basic amenities. The citizens of Benin Republic, Gambia, etc do not have
to cry to their government about bad roads, decayed infrastructure or other
basic provisions. It is a great pity that Nigeria is wallowing in lack and

                This is still not enough to make
me angry. Then what makes me angry? I am angry because we have lost our values
as a people. The strength of our culture and religion is gradually being eroded
by western civilization and our peoples battle to survive. Misplaced love has
made many parents and guardians to buy (expo) exam questions and marks for
their wards. This is no secret anymore as they are proud to refer their co-opts
to friends and family members. Some of our spiritual leaders who were once
worthy of emulation cannot be exonerated from the beast that has infected our
socio-economic and cultural fabric.       

                Now, those things considered as
filty years ago are now the order of the day. Think about it. Is this good?
Definitely no.

                I am still very angry because
many of our youths have been contaminated with the virus-corruption. The few
amongs many who aspire to leadership positions end up being corrupt themselves.
They have lost every sense of integrity and perpetuate scam of the highest
order. Thanks to the mentoring of our elderly people. Who will salvage our nation?
Who will bell the cart? Shall we survive and overcome this present hurdles? I
hear of campaign against HIV/AIDS, fake drugs and so on. This is a step in the
right direction if it is pursued with all sincerity. But when shall we catch
the big monster-corruption? Now you see why I am angry. Corruption must be
fought by all of us. We must cooperate with one another to defeat this disease
called corruption. Together we stand, divided we fall. The change we desire in
our society begins with all of us.

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