A one time
Peoples Democratic Party, PDP youth leader in Ika South Local Government Area,
Mr. Kingsley Nduka Aliemeke has called upon the Delta State government not to
ban Okada operators in Agbor as there are no good roads in the area at the
moment. Mr. Aliemeke made the call in Agbor on Monday, 20th May, 2013 while
commenting on the rumour making the round in Agbor that state government will
ban okada riders from operating in the area from in May this year.

                According to Mr. Aliemeke, if
okada is banned in Agbor and environ there will not only be a problem of unemployment
but also accessibility of the roads, saying that keke napep which will be used
to substitute okada in the town cannot ply the bad roads.

                “This is our land, we understand
it more than anybody. Our roads are bad, and our youths who have no job are
into okada business. So, if okada is banned in Agbor there will be high rate of
unemployment. Moreso, keke napep will not be able to use our roads because they
are not motorable. Even pupils/students will suffer if there is nothing to take
them to school. We are not saying that the state government should not ban
okada but it should first repair the roads in Agbor and also create employment
for the teeming unemployed youths who are for now into okada business, Mr.
Aliemeke said.

                Speaking further, the former PDP
youth leader, opined that the state government should go to back to the drawing
board and take seriously the 6-3-3-4 system of education which guarantees
students to undertake vocational training while in school.

                He said there is high rate of
youth employment in the state because students were not taught how to acquire
skills. He stressed that if vocational education is encouraged the rate of
youth unemployment will reduce, even as he called on the state government to
create the enabling as no employed youth will like to go into crime. He
suggested that seminars and workshops should also be organized by government to
sensitizes youths on how they should plan their future.  

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