New Dawn
Movement, a non governmental organization aimed at educating people on how to
exercise their rights as citizens of Nigeria on Saturday, 18th May, 2013
organized a one day seminar titled, “The Good Citizen” .The seminar which was
attended by the high and low in the society was held at Odogun Hall, Owa Royal
Palace, Owa- Oyibu, headquarters of Ika North East Local Government Area, Delta
State. Among those that attended were the Obi of Owa kingdom, His Royal
Majesty, Dr. Emmanuel Efeizomor II, Chief Hon. Justice Sylvester. A. Ehiwario,
Chief Elder John Ehikwe, Chief G. N Ehikwe, Mr. Don. Ndudi Agholor, Barr A. C
Morka, Chief Mrs. E. F. Elobe, Dr. Mrs. Nwaham, Mr. Lanre Osaze, Sir Francis
Okechukwu, Hon. Abikelegba Odegholor, Sir J. Akumabor, Hon. Sunny Onyejose, and
New Dawn members both from within Ika land and beyond.

                The convener of the seminar, Dr.
Felix Morka while speaking on the topic, “The Good Citizen,” said that a
citizen is the most important entity in any given society and the reason why
government is in existence, adding that the welfare of every citizen is the
primary responsibility of any government. Dr. Morka stated that government must
do all it could to make its citizens happy and 
also ensure that their welfare is guaranted. He declared that the Nigerian
government has since derailed in its responsibility to provide basic amenities
for its citizens, hence, as good citizens Nigerians should not support policies
and programmes that will further impoverished their lives.

                He defined a good citizen as
someone who does not fold his or her hand and watch while things are going
wrong, stressing that good citizens supports only the decisions of government
that will benefit the whole and not a few.

                In the words of Dr. Morka,
“Citizenship is like marriage between two institutions and for it to succeed,
every party to the union must be willing to work together. Government has
failed on its part of the union and the citizens should not keep quiet until
the right thing is done. We must learn how to ask our public office holders
questions rather selling our rights to those who have abused them. Good
citizens are law-abiding, loyal, vocal and hate injustice. We will be doing a
great dis-service to our country if we continue to aid and abet corruption. We
are the reason why we are suffering. We have to return to base and take our
citizenship seriously. It is high time we take our destinies in our hands and
compel our political leaders to do something that will benefit the whole
Nigerians not themselves alone”.

                He thanked all who attended the
seminar, most especially the Obi of Owa. He therefore called all Nigerians to
support efforts that will take the people out of renewable poverty.

                The chairman of the New Dawn
Movement, Barr Peter Isedeh earlier in his brief speech disclosed that the
organization is out for a positive change and also to put an end to oppression.

                On his part, Hon Chief S. A.
Ehiwario  described Dr. Felix Morka as a
man of good vision, saying that a good citizen is one who ask questions and
advises government when it is going wrong. He however urged every Nigerian to
brace up to the challenge of nation building by supporting efforts that will
help take Nigeria to a greater height.

                Also speaking, Chief Elder John
Ehikwe commended those behind the New Dawn Movement vision, just as he enjoined
them to keep the flag flying until there is a positive change in the country.

                The guest speaker and a renowned
human right activist based in Lagos, Mr. Lanre Osaze called on Nigerians to
wake up from their slumber and stop supporting political leaders who have put
them in abject poverty. He stated that the idea of receiving money from failed
politicians and keep voting for them to remain in power is a complete mentality
of slavery.

                “Freedom is our birthright. We
should not allow anyone to turn us to slaves in our own country. As good
citizens, we should not keep quiet when our rights are being trampled upon. It
is our duty to stand for the truth and justice at all time” Mr. Lanre said.

                 Answers were provided to questions on how to
be good citizena raised by participants similar on how to be good citizens and
to protect ones right. 

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