The Delta State Government and well meaning individuals in
Ika land have been urged to  come to the
rescue  of residents living at
T-junction, Mariere, Mariere Lane, Oriahi and Abuda Streets axis in Agbor from
a total black out that has lasted for more than three months.

resident in the area, Mr. Konyeha E. Kingsley said, “Power Holding Company of
Nigeria was established by Federal Government to provide electricity and
quality service to Nigerians. But reverse has since become the case as the PHCN
has completely failed to live up to expectation. The residents of T-Junction,
Mariere, Mariere Lane and Abuda Streets have been in darkness since March this
year as the PHCN Agbor District refused to do anything since the electricity
poles serving the area fell. Even when the poles were there, the transformer
serving the area which reports had it was installed in 1975  only worked for a few minutes each time there
was light.

Konyeha said that  the last time
residents in the area had light was in March 27, 2013. He said the heavy down
pour of that day brought down about eight poles in the area.

expressing disappointment over  PHCN
inability to do anything despite the complains from the affected residents, Mr.
Konyeha who is a member of New Dawn Movement called on the government and
spirited sons and daughters of Ika land to come to the aid of the residents.


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