e   succor to humanity,
Lagos Lions Club 404B paid a courtesy call on the founder of St. Stevens
Library, Mr. Steve Ekiri-Mekiriuwa Ashien on the 7th May 2013.

the whole essence of human existence is to impact on the lives of fellow
humans, The District Governor, Lagos Lions Club 404B, Lion Stella Agbogun and
her entourage visited St. Steven Library as part of her efforts to develop
reading habits in our children. She expressed joy that the library is located
opposite her almamater, Marymount College School Owa. The founder Mr. Ashien
took her and her entourage round the library as they were very pleased to see
students reading at the library. They were grateful to be part of the library
as they donated books on various subjects. Exposition on the books was done by
Lion Otunba Oloyede.

Ashien was overwhelmed because this was the first time an entourage of a
philanthropic organization from Lagos will be visiting him to donate books to
the library.

considered it a great honor. He said that all his life, he has been
associating  with books and people who
love books. Those who know him can testify to this fact as he went down memory
lane. He said, it is a thing to regret that every intervention by government
and individuals like him seems not to be yielding positive results as the
present generation do not seem interested in reading. “I read a lot, beg people
to come and read books free of charge in our library. The reading culture is
zero.” He said. How do we bring back the reading  culture, he asked. We now worship money. But
we must not relent. I may be like a lonely voice in the wildneness, but I will
continue to do my best, he said. He appreciated the spirit behind the gift and
thanked God for grating them travelling mercies. He also hope that the
successor to Lion Agbogun will emulate her.

present were,; District Governor 404B, Lion Stella Agbogun, Mr. Steve
Ekiri-Mekiriuwa Ashien, Founder St. Stevens Library, Lion Otunba Taiwo
Oloyede,  Lion Evelyn Afejukwu, Lion Kemi
Eribake, Lion Hassan Olasunkami, Lion, Rose Otimudo and Lion Joy Umeje.

point was the donation of books, decoration of Mr. Ashien with the emblem of
the Lions Club and light entertainment.

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