momentum for agitation of political dividends in Ika land has increased with
daily request for stewardship. Mr. Sunday Ofili, a businessman from Ute-Okpu
appears to be in the forefront. Few weeks ago, he lambasted Ika monarchs who
appeared to be trading away their narchcal roles for ephemeral pecks in the
political arena. He seems not ready to let his gun powder dry.

            In an interview last week with Ika
Weekly, Mr. Ofili berated past and present political office holders  in the area for the water pipes buried about
ten years ago without a drop of water passing through them.

            “My good people of Ika  what have we done against our politicians.”
Why is it that we have pipes laid along nearly all the streets in Boji-Boji
without water passing through them.” Is it not time we ask them to justify the
billions of naira allegedly spent to ensure water flows in our taps,” he asked.

            While specifically indicting,
Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, Prince Sam Obi, Hon Martins Okonta,
Hon Doris Uboh Ogunkoya, among others, Mr. Ofili appealed to the  youths to be proactive on matters that affect
their future.

            “These people have started to oil
their political machinery for the next election but we should stop them through
our votes until they clear their names on this fraudulent water project. These
politicians are either involved or are privy to the fraud. They should tell us
the much they know about the dry water pipes in our federal constituency.”

            According to him, the continuous
criticism of Governor Uduaghan over failed projects in our area is unjustified,
stressing that the governor cannot be solely held responsible for government
failure in our villages and towns.

            “When the Orogodo Bridge collapsed,
we blamed Uduaghan. When the flood ravaged our homes, we blamed the governor.
When there is electricity failure, we blame the governor. Has any of these
Ika  political office holders publicly
agitate for these issues? They are trading with us and it is high time we
pulled ourselves from the shops. We are no longer commodities they can buy with
money because they enjoy the everyday agonies we suffer.”

            Speaking further, Mr. Ofili vowed to
remain an objective monitor on important issues that affect the poor,
especially projects that are people oriented as according to him, “I am aware
that the guilty people will fight back.”

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