A well known businessman and politician, Chief Joseph Dugbere  the Ogifuru Eze of Abavo kingdom has over the
weekend during a chat with newsmen condemned the lingering strike action of
Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), saying that it has caused severe
damage to the country, more than the so-called Boko Harram sect.

According to him “Nobody is happy about the strike. Government or
ASUU, we do not know who exactly to blame. The strike has lasted for over three
and half months and that is not a good development in the sense that our
students no longer matters to lecturers. What matter most to them is
money.  Even the so-called

Boko Haram we talk about is not as severe as this strike. The
effects is so devastating.

Most undergraduates in 
Nigeria Universities cannot address an envelop, let alone write an
application letter.  All these are
fallouts of strikes. Even when ASUU resumes, the students will not be taught
but will be made to write exams. So, I join hands with those calling for ASUU
to call off the strike in order to save the future of this great country.
Enough is enough. If the students are good, it is for the benefit of our
country. And if they are bad, it is to the detriment of our country”.

 He noted that government in
their own way has always given money to ASUU to stop strike and that has not
brought an end to strike action in Nigeria, adding, “No amount of money will
stop strike action in Nigeria”.

He said the unnecessary comparism between lecturers and politicians
should stop. Politicians are those with no job. I am of the opinion that
lecturers should stop comparing themselves with politicians. ASUU is taking a
dangerous position. They should rethink and go back to classes for the sake of
our children.”

the side of the government, they still have their own fault. The cases of
embezzlement of funds is enough to instigate any law abiding citizen to be
involved in crime. “Recently, we saw how the president queried a government
officer on two hundred and fifty-five million naira (N255m) car scam,” he

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