In our vol. 25 edition of September 22, 2007, we wrote an editorial calling on Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), Agbor Unit to wake up to its responsibility of improving power supply to consumers.


In the said editorial, we noted, with dissatisfaction, that epileptic electricity supply has become part of the policy of the organization, particularly in Ika land. We also emphasized the trauma consumers of electricity in the area are going through.


We particularly noted that household appliances and foodstuffs worth millions of naira have been destroyed and damaged as a result of erratic power supply.


We equally observed that PHCN is contributing to the unemployment crisis because a lot of companies are downsizing because of extra cost imposed on them through purchasing, running and maintaining of generating sets. We noted also with dissatisfaction that those who want to establish small-scale businesses could not because of irregular electricity supply.


However, we are happy to observe that since then, there has been an improvement on power supply to the residents of the locality.


It has been noticed that some time now there seems to be a slit improvement in the services of PHCN, Agbor unit in comparison with what it use to be.


This therefore is to commend the effort of the new PHCN, Agbor unit manager, Engineer F.O Okhuoya for heeding to our call. It is most heartening for us in Ika Weekly, because we believe that every Nigerian has a responsibility to contribute to the enhancement of the country’s socio-economic development.


Like we did mention in the same editorial earlier we have confident in the ability of Eng. Okhuoya to make remarkable impact in electricity supply in Ika land.


We are therefore saying that he should continue the good work he is doing. Ika people and other residents in the area will be  appreciative of his good gesture and his continued commitment to seeing that the improved power supply to consumers is sustained.


It will also be highly appreciated if he will equally see to it that the attitude of his staff who have given PHCN a very bad image is proved.


If this is sustained, we have no doubt that Ika nation will never forget him as he would have printed his foot print on the sand of time as successes are not only measured in terms of quantity of money, not the number of cars or houses owned.

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