I read with disappointment, an article written by one Mr Augustine Mekwunye in the last week’s edition of Ika Weekly Newspaper Mr. Augustine Mekwunye has already disqualified himself of not being competent and vast enough to discuss politics.
In the fourth paragraph of his article which is filled with lies and deceit, he said he is not vast and competent enough to delve into political discussions.
One will begin to wonder where he is coming from. Senator (Dr) IfeanyiOkowa, the Chairman Senate Committee on Health, a first timer in the Senate and Nigerian most successful Senator in terms of bills presentation and passages have never marginalised any communities.
Instead, he empowers people and community. To set the records straight, Senator (Dr) Okowa is the best that has ever happened to Umunede in recent time politically. That is the major reason why he has become a household name in Umunede today.
From the youths to the women and all the men and entire political class today in Umunede are very much in support of Senator (Dr) Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, the EKWUEME 1 of Owa Kingdom.
Let us quickly take a very close look at some of the good works/achievement in Umunede by Senator Okowa.
Old Umunede – Agbor road (This road passes through Mr Mekwunye’s family house) in Idumu Ile it was constructed by Senator Okowa after being abandoned for more than 25 years. Rehabilitation and construction of new Umunede market with locked-up shops and borehole/toilet was made possible by Senator Okowa.
Street lights from Mbiri road to the Palace to Idumu Ile through garage to Idumu Oba was provided by Senator Okowa.
Two Umunede children benefitted immensely from Senator Okowa’s empowerment program. One is Mr BoboAnwuri, the son of the late PDP ward chairman in Umunede and one other young woman from Idumu Oba (name withheld).
OtuUmunne gave a cash of N100,000 each to 4 persons in Umunede this year when Umunede for Okowa hosted OtuUmunne. Mr Augustine Mekwunye’s uncle benefitted from this empowerment. Construction of Umunede ring road spanning from Kingdom Hall road through Obeh Street in Idumu Ile to IdumuIleje down to Mission road in Idumu Oba will commence soon. This is courtesy of Senator Okowa. These are some of the very many developmental achievements in Umunede and the list is endless.
We therefore advice Mr Mekwunye Augustine who called Umunede political leaders mad men, myopic, destitute and incapable of reading between lines politically to show respect to elders who are old enough to be his father. This same Mr. Augustine Mekwunye was begging for autograph, phone number and to even book an appointment with Senator Okowa in Warri when one of our noble sons hosted the Senator in his house. On behalf of Umunede Political Forum, we plead with Mr Mekwunye Augustine to leave Senator Okowa out of his campaign of calumny. He should concentrate in his job with the insurance company or resign and come back home to play politics.
Umunede people have agreed. They have decided to go with Okowa. The new look “Umunede Politics” have taken a stance. All our vibrant youths and elders home and abroad have joined Okowa’s Political Movement in Umunede. Things have changed. Senator Okowa as a man bound by his word is a decent man, a core Christian, a committed and dedicated Nigerian, a symbol of humility, a citadel of wisdom, a man of stable character, a loyal party man and an astute politician.
We will waste no time in taking action even legally against Mr. Augustine Mekwunye and the company he works with when next he repeat these lies. The general public is hereby notified to continue to disregard Mr. Augustine Mekwunye in his blind publication of lies and deceit. Uyanwanne Hycent, an indigene of Umunede writes from Asaba.

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