I read and was disconcerted with a congratulatory message published in Ika Weekly of November 8th page 15, by an assemblage in the epithet of Ihu-Iyase Progressive Union (IPU) with one Richard Nzeh as Chairman.
There is nothing wrong in sending goodwill message to personalities of note in our community, but from the content of the offensive publication, they stated that Ihu-Iyase, where I belong, has just eight (8) communities without my Oki-Agbor and our distant Sister Community-Ekuku-Agbor. I don’t know whether our DEIN (may God give him a long Rein) is aware of this IPU’s new geographical record, and if need be, where have they now placed us. I do know that there cannot be Ihu-Iyase of any design without Oki- because these fairly Old men in the picture can not allow one person amongst them to represent two communities, which the authority that be, to make up the so call “IPU”. Now, friends and acquaintances are calling and drawing my attention; To wit: my community no longer in Ihu-Iyase.
I write to uphold that these people consciously and unwittingly Denied me of my heritage and root-Ihu-Iyase.
To assuage this unwarranted provocation, I humbly suggest to the group, the following measures.
1. Retract the said, offensive publication
2. Publish the correct information (if you don’t know, go to the PALACE)
3. Apologies to the communities affected.
Otherwise, the IPU should not be recognized and unpleasant legal contest may follow.
The omission of Oki Community in the congratulatory message advert for Mr. Godwin Emefiele, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh and Hon Fred Ofume and published in our last week’s edition was not deliberate.
We regret every embarrassment the said publication must have caused Oki people.

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