CULTISM: Alisimia Community Exonorates Obiazi David

Alisimie Community in Agbor, headquarter of Ika South Local  Government Area of Delta State has on
Tuesday, December 13, 2015 during a meeting held at the Aliren quarters of the
community between the elders and Endurance Sunday (popularly known as, Old
School), (victim of the cult attack in the community) exonerated the prime
suspect on the attack of Old school, Mr. David Obiazi Emenim.

                Speaking on behalf of the
community, the chairman, Central Working Committee, Mr. Augustine Uwagwu and pa
Thomas Effam told Ika Weekly that the cult issue that was related to the attack
on Mr. Endurance Sunday has been settled. They disclosed that part of the
settlement was the exoneration of Mr. Obiazi David Emenim as a cultist.

                According to them, “we,  as a community have carefully looked into the
issue of an attack on Old School  by some
unknown cultists at Alisimie and have discovered that Obiazi David Emenim is
not a cultist as was wrongly reported on the front page of Ika Weekly edition
of Saturday January 3 to Saturday, January 10, 2015. We have met with the
parties involved including the police and have found out that Obiazi David
Emenim is not a cultist, he is a student and an honest child who has never
involved himself in anything evil let alone attacking somebody with a battle

                On the question why Obiazi David
Emenim was identified as one of those who attacked “Old School” and his arrest
by the police, the Alisimie spokes persons on the issue said that  Obiazi David was only at the scene of the
incident where “Old School” was attacked.

                “Alisimie as a peaceful and
quiet community, we are not known for cultism or any criminal activity. As
peace loving people we liase with government to fast track development in our
community and not doing the contrary. The boys who attacked Old School are not
from Alisimie, and we do not know them. We use this  medium to appeal to the members of the public
to disregard the said report on Obiazi David Emenim because he is not a
cultist. While we wish Old School  quick recovery,
we reaffirmed our strong commitment to government’s effort of ridding Agbor and
Ika South in general of cultism.

                When contacted, Old School said
that he is happy with the mature way the community handled the issue, adding
that Obiazi David Emenim remains his friend and brother.         


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