Stephen Okoh Memorial Hospital Attending to Medical Cases For Free

That Dr.
Mrs. Isioma Okobah actually invested her resources at ensuring Ika people enjoy
good health without paying a dime is not an exaggeration, but the truth. Testimonies
abound within the Igbodo Community, Aniocha area and in Ika land in general of
how the Stephen Okoh Memorial Hospital in Ndobu quarters of Igbodo kingdom in
Ika Northeast area has continuously blazed the trail in the medical sphere to
remove tears and pains from the lives of majority of  people who may not be able to afford quality
medicare. Since 2012 when this medical facility was established in memory of
her late father, Stephen Okoh, Dr. Mrs. Isioma Okobah has consistently ensured
the continuity of this human centred medical institution to the benefit of any
individual who desires medical attention. It is very commendable that Dr.
Okobah’s Delta Doctors in Diaspora project is glaringly impacting Ika people
positively with the provision of good health which is pivotal to every human

                Last week when Ika Weekly
visited the hospital, we saw a car accident victim who had a major facture by
name Mary Chijoke said she was hit by a car at Igbodo and had fracture. “Since
I came to this hospital. I am getting better. Initially, I was taken to an
hospital in Umunede (name withheld), where I was not well treated. At the
hospital in Umunede, I spent a lot of money without result, but at the St.
Stephen Okoh Memorial hospital I have been treated free of  charge. I am now recovering and happy that
they have assisted me. May God richly reward Dr. Mrs. Okobah for setting up
this hospital that has treated me free of charge. May God also remove tears
from her face just as she is removing tears from faces.”

                The matron of the hospital,
Florence Amayo who also granted us interview stated that she is happy that such
a medical facility exist in Igbodo for the benefit of Ika nation. “We receive
patients not only from Igbodo but from different parts of Ika land.

                People come here because we
offer free medical treatment. They come here and go home happy. This is the
only free hospital in Igbodo community. The proprietor Dr. (Mrs.) Isioma Okobah
send the drugs we prescribe from America. We also procure some drugs we don’t
have locally. Severally  we treat
diabetes, high blood pressure, and accident cases. We also handle child
delivery cases and antenatal.

                Dr. (Mrs.) Okobah’s medical
investment in the  lives of people
generally is worthy of emulation and 
commendation. May the Lord strengthen her and may all her plans for this
hospital not fall behind. May she continue to flourish. May the Lord help her
to achieve all the plans she has for her community. I am inviting people to
come and see the difference between private and government hospital.”

                The hospital manager, Pastor
Emmanuel Okoh explained  that lka people
are taking advantage of the facility and seeing the benefits of the hospital.
“Now the attendance is beginning to rise. Very soon the hospital will employ a
laboratory scientist so that medical tests can be done in-house.

                We open 24 hours 7 day a week. I
am calling on Ika people to come and enjoy free medical treatment for any kind
of ailment”.

                Besides speaking with the
accident victim, we also spoke with three out-patients, John Saliu who had
injury on the leg caused by iron cut, Rosemary Charles, who came for antenatal
and Henry Nkechi who had malaria. They all expressed confidence in the
hospital’s preparedness to cope with increasing medical cases. They  all registered their appreciation for the
large heartedness of Dr. (Mrs.) Isioma Okobah for providing  free medical treatment.

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