A Chin-Chin
producing factory owned by Mr. Francis Azaka and situated along Dorothy by
Ojekpolor was razed down by fire on April 22, 2015.

                Mr. Azaka said he received a
distress call at about 12.00am on the aforementioned date that his factory was
on fire. He dashed out of his house with his wife and concerned neigbours, only
to get there and discovered that the situation was beyond his control. He contacted
the office of fire service but they did not show up.

                Mr. Azaka who broke down in
tears as at the time he was being interviewed by newsmen said, the factory had
been his sole source of livelihood since the past seven years. In his words,
“we lost all the gigantic milling machines, jars of oil, flour and other
materials to the inferno.”

                “I do not have enemies, so do
not have any idea as to who could have done this.” He  says he suspects a foul play because there
was no other source he could attribute the incident to since the factory is not
connected to any electricity source.

                Speaking further, he said he is
stranded with the situation of things now and does not have any means to get
finance with which to fall back on.

                He therefore solicits the benevolence
of the general public to come to their aid because it is not only his family
that is affected but the families of the women who also works in his factory.

                Speaking with one of the women,
she says the proceeds she gets from the factory has really being o f immense
help to her family.

                She can conveniently feed,
clothe and pay her children’s school fees since she commenced work at the
factory. She appealed for spirited individuals to come to their aid.

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