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In every
election,  there are temporary and
permanent losers and winners. This view holds sway in Ika South Local
Government Area where the House of Assembly result succinctly put to bare the
wish of the majority of the people, party leanings not withstanding. The
temporary losers are those candidates and their supporters who lost the
election but are fast to reintegrate with the winner while the permanent losers
are those who prefer to wait on end, thinking that the wish of the people can
be aborted.

Prior to the
election, beyond the local government area, the people were made laughing stuck
for their failure to challenge impunity and whimsical tendencies. Many
political leaders pride themselves with mere blessing of kola nuts and closing
remarks at important party meetings. They have no input in major decisions
including candidature and appointments. The only show of resentment is bedroom
complaints where there exists no likelihood of their thoughts leaking beyond
the closed door. It was that bad!

Suddenly enters
Festus Chukwuyem Okoh, also knoe as, Chuky Dandy, "dat Agbor boy,
(dAb)", permit me to borrow the trademark of Joe Morgan, the Owowoh music
genre exponent. He survived all sorts of muds thrown on his way including
blackmail, threat and cheap lies. By dent of hard work and resilience , he
emerged as the winner of the House of Assembly elections held earlier this
month. His victory, no doubt, will create political retirements, promotions and
other possibilities. New leaders hitherto obscured, will take centre stage. Who
are these likely new faces in the political leadership of Ika South?

Mr. Tony Obuh

The man now
referred to as " Eworror"( Lion), due to his infectious entrant into
the political scene last year, has suddenly become a force in the political
calculus of Ika South and indeed, Delta State. His organisational skills and
intellectual depth are traits that cannot be jettisoned by any serious
government. Beside his wide reach and administrative experience, he is
perceived as a leader whose relationship is inconsiderate of age, social and
other mundane factors.

As Permanent
Secretary , Government House and Protocols, he tenaciously held on to the side
of his employer at a time the Ika people frustratingly groan against the wicked
neglect of his people in terms of infrastructural patronage by the state
government . This trait stands him tall as loyal and team player.

Hon Martin

This third-term
lawmaker missed the opportunity of serving as interim governor by the whiskers.
He is a very respected politician for many reasons. For one, he is a system man
, who subscribes to the wish of party leadership even if it is at variance with
his desire. He is also viewed as humble, his intimidating financial muscles not
withstanding. Despite fringe opposition, Martin Okonta decides the direction of
the  political pendulum in Abavo.

He proved to be
a dogged fighter when in 2011, established leaders tactically failed to support
him in his election but he was able to pick the result. His role in the April
11 election has proved that any person that undermines him in the area does so
at great peril.

Felix Morka

The candidate of
the APC contested for the state assembly election unarguably the best from the
pack but failed despite his endorsement by the Agbor Community. His failure was
not because he faltered in his campaigns but because the political class was
afraid to cede power in a hurry to a man whose singsong is transparency and due
diligence. The internationally rated lawyer warmed himself to the youths and
many apostle of change by his action moments before the announcement of the
results of the state assembly election. He openly  aborted the scheme of the reactionary forces
to truncate the wish of the people by insisting that though he had issues with
the election, the best way to raise such grievances is the law court.

Though he
contested under the APC, it is on record that he supported the aspirations of
his people at great personal political cost.

Festus Chukwuyem

The House of
Assembly winner under Accord Party is regarded as the commander of the Youth
Brigade. He fought the election with all he had as if it was a matter of life
and death. It is a matter of life and death because but for him the political
bondage would have been renewed for another eight years.

Since he was
declared winner, he continued to preach inclusiveness and has not changed from
his openness and unrestricted access. He has continued to reach out to those
who lost in the contest , assuring them that they must all come together to
meet the yawning needs of the people.

Mr. John

There is no
doubt, Mr. Nwagimejen is the most experienced partisan politician in the local
government area. Though he is aged but his ideas are often not senile. Some
upcoming politicians have continued to recommend his retirement but he has
shown that there is nobody ready to adorn his shoes especially in oratory power
and boldness. In the midst of impunity, it was only Mr. Nwagimejen who was bold
amongst the political elders to challenge what he termed "unprecedented
greed and lack of respect".

Mr. Nwagimejen
is on record to initiate integration of all aggrieved groups within the
political space. He is respected for keeping taps on political happenings in
the area and on many occasions visiting people including the younger folks.

Col. G. A. Eboma

This retired
army officer is an epitome of transparency and humility. He is rarely worked up
but often criticised for holding tenaciously to his cherished principles. His
foray into politics this far has not attracted desired benefits as he is on
many occasions in the midst of people who dwell on " stomach
infrastructure" kind of politics.


There are many
other politicians who are leaders and have a lot of influence in the emerging
political equation. They include Chief J.E. Imudia, Hon Sony Ogwu, Jude Onya,
Chief P. E. Igumbor, Chuks Emuebie, Hon Hilary Ibude, Comrade J. Ojobu, Paul
Ebede, Hon M. A. Eku,  Hon Doris Uboh,
Chief John Ehikwe, Mr. G. O. Ibe, Hon Cordillia Onya, Dr. Phillip Okwuada and
Prof Alika


The realisation
of the " Change Project" must not be taken for granted. It is
therefore in my opinion that a harmonious leadership structure be established
which places premium on age, reach, antecedent, finance, academics and
experience. The younger ones should not only be part of the new era but
financially empowered to destroy a growing rate of thuggery. We must begin to
build now.


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