Our Changing world

My visit to Nigeria from the US after so many years of being away has changed the way I now see the country. When I left Nigeria in 1996, everything was analog. It was all about the fax machine. Now, Nigeria is currently witnessing a surge
in shopping online. Online shopping has grown exponentially to become
the most attractive in Africa. The initial explosion can be linked to
the entrance of Jumia and Konga into the Nigeria ecommerce space.
Jumia phones, Konga phones and Konga laptops are becoming household
names. The two ecommerce giants have poured alot of resources into
awareness campaigns and saturated the media so much that even those
sceptical of online shopping have been converted.
With mobile phones in the hand of everyone, the internet now sits in peoples pockets. The flooding of the phone markets with cheap android touch screen phones has brought people closer to the products they need no matter the distance.
At Agbor or Asaba, no day passes without seeing a delivery
truck or motorbike along the road with Jumia phones or Konga phones
plastered all over it. These two ecommerce giants have demystified
online shopping in Nigeria.As we witness these changes, we begin to realize that living in a rural village is no longer a hindrance to shopping online in Nigeria.

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