IKA WEEKLY – The illegal dumping of refuse by market women at Queen Street by Akpenyi Street is really causing a great havoc to the inhabitants of the area.


The assertion was made by Mrs. Regina Awule who lives in Akpenyi by Queen Street, Boji-Boji, Agbor, when Ika Weekly correspondent visited the market the area. She said, they have laid complaint to the officer in charge of Baleke market on several occasions, but to no avail.


According to her, the officer promised that something will be done in seeing that the refuse were evacuated from the premises.


She reiterated the untold health problems associated with the refuse, as well as also the blockage of the drainage.


Mrs. Awule said complained that the residences of the area have been paying huge sums of money to make sure that the refuse are evacuated, but she was surprise that their efforts had not been responded to by the authorities in charge.


She said that she was not impressed with the activities of the health department of the Local Government Council, stressing that they are not effectively making good use of their offices as health inspectors.


She appealed to the Health Management Officer in the Local Government Council and market managers in Baleke market to come to their aid, for they have suffered untold hardships from the effect of the heap of the refuse.


Mrs. Regina, advised that the market women should adopt the concept of having a waste disposal bin and to desist from illegal dumping of refuse in unauthorized areas.

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