WE ARE ALL INVOLVED – Jonathan N. Onwuka

Taking a cursory  overview of Ika Socio-Political environment, there is no denying the glaring fact that everyone of us is guilty of what I will call ‘It is not my business and concern on what befalls the land and its people’


It appears to me that there is an unspoken agreement and affirmation by almost everybody to watch helplessly while the land is plundered and devastated by few individuals who by reason of the impressionable disposition and naive attitude of majority of the people have continued to lay waste the high potentials of the locality.


Ika has remained a socio-political and economic underdog irrespective of the rich human and high natural resources. The area which is noted for its high agricultural potentials has not been able to make a meaningful and enduring progress because of some salient factors, notable among them, the unprofitable role of some elements amongst us.


Poverty has become endemic among the majority of the local populace because the few who are lucky to find themselves in leadership and prominent positions have refused to allow the common wealth to be equitably distributed.


I have always reasoned and advocated that the key to solving the widespread poverty in Ika land resides in articulating, identifying and effectively harnessing the immense human resources of Ika land, which to a great extent has remained untapped and obviously misdirected.


As things stand today, Ika nation is undeniably under siege by a plethora of unwholesome events and activities of those who have, deliberately or  unwittingly imposed their inept leadership on the people. Individuals whose concept of leadership does not go beyong the primitive aquisation of wealth. These persons have made themselves slaves to their passions, which tend to consume them.


Unfortunately however, those whose heads their poor leadership inanities rest are the ones, who at the slightest opportunity, raise their voices to the high heavens in defense of their profanities and over-indulgence.


The youths of Ika land do not seem to have any bearing. I mean majority of them currently domiciled in the area. Our so-called politicals leaders, who obviously cannot be regarded as leaders in more responsible climes, keep telling us that we should wait for our time. A time which may never come.


Now that we are getting prepared for the local government council elections, all sorts of chalatans are warming up to contest for either chairmanship or coucillorship positions. Some of these persons have well known bad records, having involved themselves in cult-related activities and fraud (popularly known as 419).


A good number of them have never been known to hold any viable position that would have imbued them with the requisite exposure and experience that are needed to handle such highly responsible and sensitive offices.


I want to stress here that Ika nation (that is talking about the two local councils of Ika South and Ika North East Local Government Areas) cannot, at this stage afford to have as their Chief Executives, political and administrative neophytes whose only interest is to empty the council’s treasuries.


Our people are in dire need of development that will propel the enhancement of their well-being. Therefore, there is the need to take a critical appraisal of the political environment.


I strongly believe that what is needed is selfless and desciplined leadership for controlling and optimally utilizing available resources for development in the collective interest of the people, especially now that the money coming from the Federation Account is held midway by the state government, for reason known to them only.


If we allow the wrong persons to mount the saddle of leadership in any of the two Ika local governmernt councils, then our people should be ready to witness more of blatant under-development. For the saying that “what one sows is what he reaps” cannot be sidelined.


Past failures are rested on the door steps of every adult Ika indigenes, for one way or the other, we have all contributed to the neglect and deplorable state of Ika land.


Fate is placing before us the rare opportunity to redress past wrongs and mistakes  we have inflicted on ourselves. Let us not allow our sense of reasoning to be clouded by sentiments or unguarded emotions. It should not be who the candidate is to you but what he is capable of doing for the people.


The time, in my candid opinion is ripe for all to come together to profer solutions and do those things that will move Ika land forward.

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