BREAKING NEWS: launches online tv/video sharing

Today, 11th January 2008, launches its own youtube or online tv/video sharing and broadcasting for Ika people worldwide.


According to the administrator of, Dr. Joseph Ifeanyi Onyeche, this is the final puzzle in a chain of developments at aimed at giving Ika people all over the world maximum exposure and enabling them to share their videos with friends and loved ones in a safe and cultured environment.


The value of internet video sharing and broadcasting is huge. People living far away from their loved ones can privately upload their videos into and invite their family members to watch the video.


Ika lovers of culture can now upload video clips of cultural events they witnessed in Ikaland. They can even upload video clips of their favorite Ika musician to bring them into international limelight.


In addition, Ika organizations and unions have no more reason to complain about not being able to publicize their activities. They can now upload video clips of their parties, conferences, seminars and meetings for Ika folks all over the world to view.


What is point worrying about showing clips of Parties or Obituaries on a TV for a large sum of money for a few minutes when you can put it up at to be shown to the whole world and most especially guaranteed that all Ika people on line can view it at anytime for as long as you want.


To upload your videos to all you need is a video camera or mobile phone with video function and a computer connect to the internet.


According to Dr. Onyeche, members of have worked very hard to make this a reality. This project has been greatly helped by the various donations from our members and well wishers.


Dr. Joseph Ifeanyi Onyeche added that there is nothing as powerful as online video broadcast today. The best part of Ikaworld online tv/video broadcasting, according to him, is that it is children friendly. Unlike other internet video sharing sites, children, from the age of five or six will be able to watch all the videos at alone with no fear indecent contents or foul languages. Our focus remains on our Ikaness and allowing Ika people to prosper. With a simple video camera or video phone any Ika person can become a star.


All videos will be carefully checked to make sure they meet the Ika standard of decency and properness.

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