I have been studying with great concern the ugly trends in Ika political landscape especially the ill motivated attacks being directed to Hon. Doris Uboh – The House of Representative member representing Ika Constituency and Mr. Festus Iwerebor, PDP Chairmanship Candidate for Ika North East Local Government in the upcoming election and have come to a conclusion that these attacks are just born out of jealousy and hatred (Iweh, Enyiaufu, Ibeakalem….).

Some comments I read recently have definitely cross the line, moving from a fair commentary to an unfair statement.

Criticisms should not be born out of malice or personal hatred but purely political and disagreement based on issues as they affect our people, (Nmu Ika). Our criticism should be constructive and not destructive. 

We cannot bring peace, harmony, development and progress in our region with this kind of dirty politics. Those who have lost out in the political contest should explore proper means to seek redress.

We should learn to apply wisdom and dignity while politicking. Our efforts should be geared towards making positive changes and bringing lasting smiles to the majority of our people who are dying from adverse poverty.

It was the hope of humanity that the destructive methods used in the quest for power in the past, could have been smoothened out by the influence of knowledge, and the creation of a market system that rewards Endeavour.

We should seek peaceful political forum to discus issues with all our elected/appointed political office holders in Ika Land on how they could work together in setting up goals to bring meaningful development in our region. 

Today, corruption is thriving largely in our societies just because the most basic needs of life are not immediately accessible, and the fear of poverty drives people in position to ensure that, not only do they liberate themselves from the menace, but also store up enough for their generations yet unborn.

We need visionary leadership, purpose driven lots and true patriots to pilot our affairs with great sense of duty. A quote from Nelson Mandela thus says ‘A patriot is one whose heart bleeds at the sight of millions of people starving to death.

Let’s Give Hon. Doris Uboh and Mr. Festus Iwerebor the chance to prove their worth. 

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