Botched robbery: victim shot in buttocks, robber killed by police

BOJI BOJI, Agbor (Ikaworld) – Police joint patrol team killed a robber that was handed over to them after a botched armed robbery at No. 141 Baleke Street on Monday 28th January 2007.


According to witnesses, two armed men visited the home of Mr. Lucky Agholor at No. 141 Baleke Street in the early hours on Monday demanding for money. Mr. Agholor got into a struggle with one of the robbers. During the struggle the robber shot Mr. Agholor in the buttocks but was overpowered by neighbors while the other robber escaped.


The captured robber was later handed over to the Police joint patrol team that came to the scene. Less than hour after the robber was handed over to the police, he was shot dead by the police. The circumstance surrounding the killing of the robber in police custody is unknown at the time of this report.

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