OBITUARY: Late Madam Lucy Uwumagbe

This is to announce the passing away of our dearly beloved mother, aunty, sister, late Madam Lucy Uwumagbe, who passed away at the early hours of Sunday 26th march 2008 at the ripe age of 82.


Late Madam Lucy Uwumagbe


She is survived by :

Mrs.   Eunice  Onyeche                 Daughter

Revd. N. Uwumagbe                     Son

Mr.    Olu  Uwumagbe                   Son




Mr.    S. Chuks Onyeche               Son ?In-Law

Mrs.  N. Uwumagbe                       Daughter-In-Law



Burial Arrangement

Friday.  18th April, 2008     7pm-10pm      

– Service of songs

Venue: #14 old Lagos/Asaba   Rd. Agbor.



Saturday  19th April, 2008   2pm:         

– Internment   

Venue:  #14 old Lagos/Asaba   Rd. Agbor.


Sunday  20th April,2008           

– Outing Service

Venue: #14 old Lagos/Asaba   Rd. Agbor.





Revd.   N. Uwumagbe


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