Young man gunned down along Owa Nta street

BOJI BOJI OWA – The family of Mr. Okonkwo, a goldsmith along Owa nta street Boji Boji Owa, has been thrown into mourning following the murder their son, Emeka Okonkwo, in the early hours of Tuesday October 14th 2008.


It was reported that the young Emeka Okonkwo, who was 20years old, was on his way to morning mass at St. John?s Catholic Church Agbor when he was gunned down by two men on motorcycle, just a pole from his residence.


The gunshot attracted residents including the father of the victim who arrived to help only to discover it was his son.


No witnesses have been found even though the incident happened when motorcyclists where already on the road. The incident has since been reported to the police.

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