Peter Dumnoi (KOB Express) Kidnapped and released

Last week, some men posing as Men of God (Pastors) came visiting Mr. Dumnoi popularly known as KOB Express in his country home in Ake Igbanke, luckily he was not home, they waited and when he came the men kidnapped him, forced him into their car boot and drove him away to an unknown destination.

While in the hands of his captors, he was blind folded and given a beating of his life with all sorts of instruments ranging from cutlass and horse whips. With his Mobile Phone, the Kidnappers were calling the family and demanding a ransom of over 100 million naira.

He was in the hands of the kidnappers for 5 days in a remote bush where he hardly got something to eat except dried bread and dirty water to drink.
After five days he was released and left alone still blind folded in the bush where his family came to pick him up.

As at the time of going to Press, Mr. KOB is lying critically ill in the hospital where he is recovering from the beating and the trauma he underwent in the hands of his kidnappers.

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