No. 2 Azihen Street Razed Down

The 21st day of February, 2009 was a Saturday of confusion and painful experience in Azihen Street, in Boji-Boji Agbor in the late hours of that morning when youngmen and women had gone to their various places of work leaving the weekenders and children at home, that a fire started and razed down no. 2 Azihen Street with more than 8 rooms before the fire service could put it off, leaving most of the tenants homeless and wretched with nothing to call their own apart from the dresses they had on them.


The fire which started at about 11.30am was said to have started few seconds after power was restored. Eye witnesses said that when they saw smoke coming out from the roof of the house, it was already too late to check and control the fire. One of the tenants said that the fire trapped them in and so they had to escape through the toilet window. She thanked God for His mercies and particularly praised and thanked her neighbours, Mr. and Mrs. Isibor who supplied water across the fence into the inferno and helped to save the rooms in the other block. She lamented that the fire service arrived when the building was already razed down by the fire. A sympathizer said that the fire service is most incompetent and unreliable and called on the government to look into that sector.


Mrs. Isibor, wife of the owner of the house next to the burnt house gave glory to God for everything that happened because their own house would have been affected if not for the prompt intervention of neighbours who helped to pour water from their compound into the burning house.


Before, Ika Weekly left the scene , some tenants who rescued little or nothing from the fire were in serious shock and pain, and the whole place was tumult as on-lookers and sympathizers trooped to the scene.  

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