Hassan, who is the Ekwueme of Akumazi kingdom made the call in an interview
with Ika Weekly on Tuesday at Agbor. He said that some men of God have by their
elicit actions, destroyed lives and homes through what he referred to as ?their
fake visions which they use to   deceive
people especially women who are married. It is women that majorly go to their
so-called night vigil, while their husbands will be at home. These pastors
deceive these women with fake visions as miracles have become the underlying
reason why majority of people go to church. Where there is no miracle, people
hardly go there, a trend which these pastors capitalize on to deceive people
and destroy homes. Some pastors go to traditional ways to seek for power to be
able to perform miracles and healings. I say with all boldness that a good
number of churches in Ikaland are polluted with evil activities. Government should
do something urgently to remove the bad ones among these pastors, because they
are polluting the environment with their activities? he explained.


Akumazi Chief while speaking on cultism, stated that Ogboni was not a bad
association but that some persons through their evil activities have debase it,
making people to cast aspersion on it. He disclosed that the Ogboni was
originally formed to rebuild the environment but
was derailed somewhere along the line, adding that in an effort to redeemed its
images Archbishop ?Ogunbiyi had to initiate some reforms in 1938, which made it
to be referred to as ?Reformed Ogboni Fraternity? (ROF). On cultism, he said,
that it has become a secret society where evil and wickedness thrive which has
degenerated to the level of an all comers affairs, where mechanics, carpenters,
Okada riders, and school drop-outs all now have their separate cultist groups,
terrorizing and wasting innocent lives. He blamed politicians for the upsurge
in cult related associations, which he says they use to achieve their selfish
aims. He wondered why politicians should be using the children of others for
such evil enterprise while their children are attending the best schools in
different parts of the world. He therefore enjoined parents to monitor and
advise their children and wards on the consequences of involving themselves in


Hassan bemoaned the snail pace development in Agbor, emphasing that are has not
really experienced any meaningful development. He noted that most of the roads
tarred by the regime of Samuel Ogbemudia were able to serve the people for many
decades unlike now when the few road projects carried are either not completely
done or poorly executed. He lamented the abandonment of the Orogodo river and
bridge, which he said is the pride of the people.

on Rotec, the traditionalist reiterated his earlier call for the state
government to revoke the contract awarded to the company, and award same to a
far more competent construction firm, as according to him ?it is obvious that
Rotec is not serious and also not competent to do any enduring job.


do not think it is the issue of ?Kolanut? that is stopping them from doing
their job. They are simply not serious and of course not competent. And if
indeed kolanut issue is true, and that is why they are not doing the job, the
people who collected the ?kolanut? should be ashamed of themselves.


you look at Ika South, the Chairman, Hon. Hilary Ibude, within the short time
he has been on seat has done so much. He has acquired earth moving equipment,
have rehabilitated roads and done so many other things. If a local government
Chairman could do what he is doing, what stops Rotec from doing the jobs for
which they have collected hundreds of millions of naira. The best thing is for
government to revoke the contracts. If up till now, with all that has been said
and published, the man is still adamant, it means that some people are behind
him. The government should act and remove him in the interest of the people of
Ika nation?.


Hassan while expressing his reservation with the performance of politicians of
Ika extraction, which he noted is below average however said that politicians
are better than military because they are closer to the people, particular the
grassroot. He expressed disappointment with the seeming marginalization of Ika
South and called on Ika politicians to unite for development as he said ?Ika
nation is one with a common heritage and destiny. Let those who are occupying
political positions use their good offices to attract development to Ika land,
especially Ika South that seems to have been abandoned. Ika South is being
cheated. It is too obvious to be overlooked?.


called on the royal fathers to encourage and support the different social ?
cultural associations and groups in Ika land to project and champion the cause
of the land, for maximum benefits of the people.


Hassan praised the industry and resilient spirit of an average Ika man, opining
that such spirit has seen many sons and daughters of Ika nation rising to the
pinnacle of their chosen careers and are recognized not only within Nigeria but
also at the international level. He particularly made mention of people like
DIG Donald Ugbaja (rtd), Mr. Jim Ovia, Sir Fortune Ebie, Evang. Simeon Eborka,
Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, Nduka Obaigbena, Vincent Ebuh and so
many others.


however, called on them to have a forum where they can always meet to
deliberate on issues that affect Ika development, and to also seek ways to
attract industries to the area to absorb the teeming unemployed youths in the
locality, while enjoining the people to honor and praise these distinguished
individuals who have made Ika nation proud.


Hassan said that his happiest moment since coming to Ika land was the day he
heard that government had awarded contract for the dredging of Orogodo river
and  rehabilitation of the bridge. His
greatest regret he said is that the same job has been stalled, saying that he
will personally celebrate it when roads and Orogodo river projects are


praised the role Ika Weekly is playing, which he said has become that of a
watchdog for Ikaland. He stated that Ika people should, by now know the
importance of the paper to its development, and urged all to support the


On the emergence of other news tabloid, he said that
it is to early to start saturating the locality with to many newspapers
contending that what is needed is for people to support any endeavour that
crops up in Ika land instead of creating a dichotomy. He said he feels
particularly pained by the attitude of people who instead of helping to nurture
dreams prefer to destroy them.

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