Cairo OJuogbo, Dein of Agbor?s mother, Banko in political battle for the soul of Ika South PDP.


A high profile muscle flexing has begun in Ika South PDP and Cairo Ojuogbo appears to have ended up in the eye of a storm. As a sign that all is not properly grounded in his political career, Cairo Ojuogbo although strong a strong brand in Abuja PDP circle enough to earn him the position of a liaison officers to the President of Nigeria has found to his chagrin that he is not in control of his small terrain, Ika South, at least for now. So far Ojuogbo has found himself entangled in an unending political wrestling match with local politicians that are not even heavy weight on the state level. The worst part is that ojougbo consistent finds himself politically bleeding, worn out and limping back to Abuja. The story appears to be the same this time


Last week, Ika South PDP suspended Cairo Ojuogbo, Tony Egwu and Isaac Ulebor for anti party activities. Impeccable sources within Ika South PDP informed that Ojuogbo?s current misfortune stated with the mother of the Dein of Agbor, the Commissioner of Women affairs, who misjudged Ojuogbos Abuja influences.


First of all the mother of the Dein, for reasons not yet disclosed, decided to remove the current PDP leadership in Ika South. To do this, it was reported that she and Cairo Ojuogbo headed for Abuja where they tried to change the names of the PDP leadership of Ika South PDP party. According to our sources, this move failed. However, in the past two weeks, has been inundated by rumors that the leadership of Ika South PDP has been removed.


The leaders of Ika South PDP catching wind of the plan swung into action to checkmate this move. In the end, Cairo Ojuogbo is left standing with the short end of the stick.


When contacted Hon. Hillary Ibude the Chairman of Ika South Local Government Area, he confirmed that the suspension was related to Ojougbo?s attempt to change the names of party’s executives from Abuja. Hon. Hillary Ibude said that although he did not attend the meeting, he is aware that a committee was set up to try Ojougbo and the others.


Responding to Ikaworld, the Ika South PDP Chairman Mr. James Ebeye AKA Banko, who Ojuogbo was trying to remove, stated that the consequence for such anti party activity is serious but that the individuals involved must first be given the opportunity to defend themselves. However, for a trial to commence, the individuals have to be suspended. He also said that the committee that was set up to try the individuals was given two weeks to come up with a recommendation.


Asked why the mother of the Dein of Agbor was left out of the list of those to be tried, the PDP chairman said that there was no way she can be tried since she is not a member of the PDP or any other party although she has chosen to meddle in the party affair. He also stated that he is playing down her involvement to saved Agbor palace from embarrassment. This perhaps explains why her name was largely left out in the advertorial in the national dailies living Cairo Ojuogbo to bear the cross.


Reacting to the current development, the speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly Mr. Martins Okonta has dissociated himself from the decision of Ika south PDP. In a statement by Frank Whyte Osabohien, Martins Okonts denied being part of the decision to suspend Ojougbo and criticized the superimposition of the decision on the members of Ika South PDP.


However, some PDP party helmsmen Ikaworld talked to called Okonta?s statements as grandstanding. They claimed that Okonta was also involved in Ojuogbo?s plan as part of of the plan to change the party’s leadership was hatched during an event held by Okonta, probably a thanksgiving ceremony, at Abavo. How Okonta managed to escape the hammer remains part of the intrigue.

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