STOP SELLING TITLES IN IKA LAND: Barrister Pius Ofulue Appeals To Traditional Rulers

is defined by Chambers 21st Century Dictionary as doctrine, belief,
custom, story, etc that is passed on from generation to generation, especially
orally or by example. It belongs to a specified group of people, religion,
country, family etc. It is an established standard or usual practice or


the above definition, it can be deduced that the prevailing practice and
procedure being perpetrated by Obis and traditional rulers in Ika land in
awarding titles is not only alien to our culture, but a desecration of the
hallowed Benin traditional practice of which Ika land is part and parcel. In
the olden days, titles were only bestowed on deserving sons and daughters of
Ika land who have contributed to the development of the community.


traditional rulers in Ika land have somewhat deviated from this norm and now
award titles to undeserving and suspicious characters who cannot account for
their wealth, but receive these upon payment of money to the traditional


is therefore advisable that all the traditional rulers who have benefited from
this illegal, immoral and uncultured practice in Ika land should withdraw the
such titles from these unscrupulous characters to save Ika tradition from total


Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs should no longer recognize
nor approve any of these titles that is alien to our culture nor extend any
privilege to the beneficiaries.


in Ika land are either hereditary, through family lineage or bestowed according
to native law and custom on sons and daughters of Ika origin or other ethnic
personalities who have made immense contribution to the progress of humanity.


may not be wrong therefore to say that traditional rulers in Ika land have
deviated from established norms or usual practice into the pit of mammon where
money is exchanged for the award of titles in Ika nation.


is therefore left with no options than to appeal to our obis to desist from
further desecration of our culture of prudence, hard work and honesty which our
forefathers bequeathed to us. And as concerned citizens of Ika land, we will
not hesitate to publish the names of these illegal title holders and their
bestowers i.e. ?Obis and traditional? rulers in Ika land in order to disown and
rebut the presumption of genunity of these titles in our land.


traditional rulers in Ika land should take note that the illegal procedures in
awarding these titles amount to desecrating the culture and tradition of Ika
nation and the purported beneficiaries must also know that they are liable to
be prosecuted for impersonation and intention to mislead the general public
into believing them to be genuine traditional titles holders or chiefs in Ika
land as such titles are alien and unknown to Ika native law and custom.


word is enough for the wise, as appropriate steps shall be taken to preserve
the hallowed traditional institutions in Ika nation as some of these
beneficiaries are not better than THE ILL-FATED SALISU BUHARI OF THE TORONTO
SAGA who do not deserve any titleship in Ika land nor represent the interest of
the people in their search for empowerment and contentment in life.


Ofulue is a legal practitioner in Lagos



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