Agbor Cultural Heritage Event held in Wembley London.


This was the day Agbor moved to Wembley, London, just for one night. It was pure fiesta for Agbor people in the Uk on the 25th of July 2009. Bridge Park Community Leisure Center Park, Wembley, was teeming with Agbor people from all over the world. There was festivity in the air. Visitors could see the colorfulness and feel the radiance of Agbor people.


The event, Agbor Main Day, which was organized by Agbor men Association in the UK started at 8PM. Present to grace the occasion was the Queen mother the Ojeba of agbor, Chief Hon. Cairo Ojougboh, Hon. Doris Uboh, Chief Madam Henrietta Egbarin (Big H), Dr. Tibi (Provost, College of education Agbor), Dr. Ifeanyi Onyeche (administrator and many other dignitaries and representatives of organizations.


The occasion was declared opened with a vibrant prayer by the Queen mother, Ojeba, who trilled the crowed at the end of  the prayer with a long drawn out ?p-r-a-i-se the lord? in display of her singing prowess.


Mr. Nick Mormah, the Executive President of Agbor Men Association, UK, gave a very moving and welcoming speech. He drew attention to the situation of Agbor General Hospital and the need to raise funds for the provision of life saving equipment. He thanked Mr. Chuks Ighade, Mr. Sunny Onyeagwu and Mr. Patrick Emuh for planning and executing Agbor cultural day.


Chief Dr. Ojougbo who stood in for the Dein of Agbor as the father of the day delivered an encouraging message from the Dein. He emphasized that Agbor language should be used at that occasion since the focus is on Agbor culture. He also expressed the Deins satisfaction with the actions of Agbor Men Association UK.


Dr. Ifeanyi Onyeche who acknowledged that it was a privilege for him to be asked to give the keynote speech at such a great event with the presence chiefs, elders and political leaders at the high table, in line with Agbor tradition, sought their permission to go ahead. Dr. Onyeche?s keynote speech was focused on the beauty of Agbor culture and the need for the young Agbor men and women to realize that Agbor culture is unique and the need for Agbor people to show pride and confidence in their culture. He wondered why Agbor people abroad do not write Ika or Agbor as the language they speak but instead write Ibo. Dr. Onyeche stated that this is because of assumptions by Agbor people that the language is not known. This he said is not true. He emphasized that although researchers have been very much interested in Agbor dance, language and culture, there is need to create a Foundation for the preservation of Agbor heritage. He challenged Agbor men abroad to be more active in promoting Agbor kingdom’s culture and interests on the internet especially at



Dr. Tibi, moved the crowded hall with his inspiring message on the need for Agbor people to refocus on self development and personal entrepreneurship instead of standing in queue for government jobs. He talked inspiringly of the limitless possibilities available in Nigeria to those who learn skills and trades abroad.


The event went wild when Agbor Women Association in London performed the Egwu Agbor and Egwo orurue. The beauty and vigour of the dance made it impossible for the crowed to watch from their seats. There was a surge to the front leading to the dancer being encircled by visitors wanting to have a better view. The surge sent cameramen scrambling for better positions themselves.


Another high point that drove the hall wild was the masquerade (Epor and Ulaga) performance by members of Agbor Men Association, UK. Children in the run ran both towards and away from the masquerades.


With the presence of Agbor and Ika visitors from all over Europe, Nigeria and the USA, events were distracted by mingling as long lost friends reconnected.


The event ended at about midnight with a question on everyone?s mind: when will be the next time?


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