No fewer than 13 persons were seriously injured on Saturday, 12th September, 2009 at Ekwuoma, in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State in a gun-fire by one of the members of a rival group.

According to the report, the controversial Ajeship issue has lingered for too long, which made one of the members of rival group to fire gunshots in the midst of the opposition side while latter were jubilating during their Ogbanigbe. The source has it that 13 persons were seriously injured, although, no lives were lost in the attack.

The source further said that the sudden attack launched on the opposition side warranted the celebrants to take to their heels for their dear lives, which truncated the festival.

Meanwhile, the other group is yet to celebrate their festival for the year, as investigation is going on to find out the perpetrator of the evil act of shooting in the missed of celebrants.

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