The Ika Assoication Inco-orperated, United Kingdom has felicitated with His Royal Majesty Dr. Emmanuel Efeizomor II (JP), OON, the Obi of Owa, on his 50th coronation anniversary which he celebrated between Sunday September 6, and 13 September, 2009 in his palace at Owa-Oyibu, Ika North East Local Government Area.

During the presentation of some cash gifts to the Obi, the financial secretary of the association, Mr. Sunny Otalor who also is a Maintenance Engineer with the London Underground, Enling Common Deport trains, in company of his son, Mr. Kenneth Otalor and the publisher, Ika Weekly newspaper, Mr. Steve Ekiri-Mekiriuwa Ashien, said that the association has been watching with keen interest, the level of development and unity that have come to Owa kingdom over the years, and have come to identify with the Obi for his good works within the kingdom. Mr. Otalor urged the Obi never to relent in his efforts towards bringing more progress to the land.

Also during the presentation, another group known as N?Owa Ri Mma Association, led by Mr. Shedrach Monye presented some gift items to His Royal Majesty. Speaking at the occasion, the leader of the group, Mr. Monye said that they are very impressed with the level of development that has been going on in Owa communities. He said that the association has promised to do all it can, to support the Obi in his efforts towards maintaining peace and unity in the area.

"We, the members of this body are very happy with what you are doing in this kingdom, your highness. We will support your laudable efforts, and we also wish you a happy 50th coronation anniversary. Long live the king," he prayed.

In his response, H.R.M. Dr. Emmanuel Efeizomor thanked the donors for identifying with him. He explained that his 50 years on the throne of his fathers have given him a lot of experience and that it has been very wonderful having had so many sons and daughters of Owa kingdom joining him to develop the community usesing a parable which he said. "You cannot pass through the same market for fifty years without seeing and experiencing something in that market. I specially thank my people for all their wonderful support these past years." Analyzing the relationship between the leader and the led, the Obi said that the human head which is situated on top of the neck cannot do much unless the neck supports the head properly. He therefore praised the efforts of his subjects for giving him all the needed support over the years.

In a separate interview with Mr. Sunny Otalor, the London-based Engineer, he praised the efforts of Ika Weekly newspaper for her efficient and effective dissemination of news particularly about the happenings in Ika land. "We in the UK are indeed very happy with the work you are doing in Ika community. Without you it would have been very difficult for us to know much of the things that are going on in Ika communities. We encourage you to continue in this work as we are in support of you," he said. Mr. Otalor who said he was not very pleased with the state of the roads, electricity supply and other social amenities in Ika land, also enjoined the authorities concerned to do something about making power supply available to the people. He noted that it is only when there is constant electricity supply in the community that more industries will be sited in the community; which will in turn reduce the rate of unemployment among the youths, and also the level of poverty in the land. "In Nigeria, there are very beautiful buildings almost everywhere; magnificent buildings indeed. But just look at the roads that lead to these beautiful houses. Is it not a shame to the owners of these buildings, that in their communities there are no good roads, no portable water and no electricity supply?" he asked.

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